February Good News

Reno Corvette Club Legacy Scholarship check presentation.
Jared Libby

Scholarship Check Presentation With Reno Corvette Club

Spotless corvettes lined up during the scholarship check presentation.

Spotless corvettes lined up during the scholarship check presentation.

Thanks to the generous support from the Reno Corvette Club, in the upcoming 2023–2024 academic year, TMCC Automotive Technology students will be revved up to learn of this unique opportunity, and upon completion of its program, be driving off into the sunset with their degree or certificate.

At its heart, the award pays tribute to departed Reno Corvette Club members, reminding us that education is our greatest ally in shaping a better world.

It all began last year, when Reno Corvette Club’s president-elect Kat Hosler and members created a new scholarship to be awarded beginning as early as Fall 2023. A tour was prepared for Hosler and team at TMCC’s automotive tech facilities, but tragically, she passed away in November. While she was unable to witness her efforts fulfilled, the silver lining is that Hosler’s vision for the College and our community has come to life.

Stephanie Sellers, Associate Director of Development, said, “The generosity of the Reno Corvette Club’s Legacy Scholarship creates opportunity for students needing an extra financial boost in the auto technology program. This scholarship also memorializes some of the Club’s members who have passed away. While it is difficult to say goodbye to loved ones and friends, the TMCC Foundation sincerely hopes the Reno Corvette Club Legacy Scholarship will keep their memories alive. We are very grateful to the club members.”

Veterinary Nursing Students Raise Funds With Holiday Event

Second-year Veterinary Nursing students, led by Instructor Julie McMahon LVT, raised $1,130 over the holiday season to benefit a local animal hospital and two rescue groups. Students Jillian Fallon, Aleana Duncan, Alicia Angilley, and Amanda King worked last November to set up a special event featuring pet photos with Santa and a tour of specially-decorated cabins.

Mountain View Animal Hospital (MVAH) contacted us to see if we would like to participate in the event in early November,” explained McMahon. “They have exam rooms that are ‘cabins’ on their property. We decorated one of the cabins with the theme of ‘North Pole Animal Hospital,’ using traditional Christmas decorations as well as a ‘Santa’ veterinary technician as our props. All of the ‘patients’ were dog toys that were donated to the rescue groups at the end of the event.”

MVAH held an open house event on November 19, with tours of the decorated cabins and pet photos with Santa.

“The participating students equally contributed with time and creativity, and they were able to give back to the same rescue groups that support the TMCC Veterinary Nursing program,” continued McMahon, including the Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows and the Palomino Valley Pet Rescue.

During the event, they accepted donations for the various rescues, held a raffle, and online donations continued through January. McMahon reported that funds were used to purchase items for pets in rescue and foster care, including food, toys for enrichment and veterinary care.

Checkmate! Chess Club a Winner

You’d have to enter room 110 inside the Vista Building after class and witness the desks intricately arranged before you to truly appreciate the passion a single game of chess can inspire. It’s a timeless contest between two individuals, spanning centuries and interwoven into the fabric of many cultures across our planet. Contemporary players are a bit more eccentric, with their Mario and Star Wars themed boards front and center; our favorite heroes taking up the mantle of kings, queens, knights, and bishops.

Chess Club President Damian Most alongside Faculty Advisor Brad Summerhill

Faculty Advisor Brad Summerhill, left, with Chess Club President Damian Most.

What’s even more exciting than the artistic variations of chess pieces is the manner in which the match itself is played. Throughout the contest, the two titans squaring off against each other must be thinking ten steps ahead. It’s a genius way to get your brain energized, and think critically about how to plan your next move. That’s certainly why Chess Club President Damian Most finds it so stimulating.

“Chess has been proven to help people study and think at a higher level. Along with that, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to be social and interact with new faces. It unlocks the ability to enter more critical thinking while still having fun playing a game,” Most said.

Now a genuine Recognized Student Organization (RSO) through the TMCC Student Government Association, Most and the other Chess Club members invite you to come test your mettle through some friendly competition on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30–5 p.m. in VSTA 110. Or just get to know your peers! Faculty Advisor Brad Summerhill is happy to answer any questions you may have.

You’ll find a superb collection of chess boards biding their time until you arrive to bring them to life. Most will happily introduce you to the design of the sport, too, providing you with tips and tricks to improve your strategy. After all, he is ranked in the top 2.4% among competitors in puzzle mastery on Chess.com. With tournaments coming down the pike as well, there’s no better time to sharpen your prowess and climb the victory ladder!

“It just helps you keep your brain running in a way that you can still enjoy. A lot of people are occupying their brains with hard classes, but if you’re able to come here and keep it active, you’ll actually retain more information,” Most said.

Do you have an idea that might make a good RSO on campus? Get to know how to make your club a reality. For more information, contact the Student Government Association or call 775-673-7203.