It’s Never Too Late to Learn

One student writing on a white board while another student speaks with a teacher.
Hannah Alfaro

Although the fall semester is well underway, there are still plenty of opportunities to enroll in classes and get those credits thanks to TMCC’s late start classes. Maybe you lost track of time or were just a bit forgetful, but don’t worry—you won’t get left behind!

What are late start classes? These are classes that don’t start on the traditional first day of the semester. These classes have fewer meetings and a condensed schedule, so even if the first day of class is in mid-October, you’ll still get the same number of credit hours as a typical, semester-long class.

Although this may mean a little extra work, you’ll only have to adopt the nose-to-the-grindstone mindset for a few weeks!

“I’m always grateful that TMCC offers late start classes each semester,” Academic Advisor Tara Connolly said. “Students who were unable to begin school in August for whatever reason can still enroll rather than losing a whole semester of time. Additionally, some students find they have been able to balance their school/life schedules well enough to take on another class and get ahead. There are so many reasons why the late start schedule is beneficial to our students and community.”

This may sound too good to be true, but TMCC actually offers over 100 late start courses that you can enroll in right now. That many options may seem overwhelming, so here are some recommendations that will set you on a successful course for the remainder of the semester.

For the Science Enthusiasts

Biology 224 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II: This online, asynchronous class is a continuation of BIOL 223 with an increased emphasis on homeostatic regulation. Body systems covered include: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, endocrine, lymphatic and immune. This class is required for most allied health programs and promises three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week. This course transfers for four credits to UNR, UNLV, and NSC, and it starts Oct. 17.

For the Culture Buffs

Anthropology 101 – Peoples and Cultures of the World: This online, asynchronous course offers a comparative survey of selected societies from throughout the world, with an emphasis on the impact of global developments on traditional societies. This class also satisfies UNR social science or diversity core curriculum, and it starts on Oct. 24.

For the Humanities Lovers

Core Humanities 201 – Ancient and Medieval Cultures: This course is a critical survey of Near East, Greece, Rome and Middle Ages; origins of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, philosophy and science; concepts like heroism, justice, and romantic love. This class is online, asynchronous, transferable and begins on Oct. 24.

For the Gearheads 

Automotive 101 – Introduction to General Mechanics: This in-person class is an introductory course describing the principles of operation, design, construction and maintenance of automobiles. Activities include shop safety emphasis, use of service manuals, use of tools and fasteners, general maintenance of cooling systems, lubricating systems; an overview and demonstration of electrical, fuel and ignition systems; an overview and explanation of chassis, steering, suspension and brake systems. Human relations, leadership and work ethics related to the automotive industry will also be covered. This class begins Nov. 7.

Let’s Enroll

This was only a small selection of the late start classes available. Visit the late start schedule to see the full line-up. If you see something you like, you can register for a late start class just like you’d register for any class at TMCC through the MyTMCC portal.  For more information about selecting classes that complete your certificate or degree requirements, schedule an appointment with our Academic Advising department, or contact them directly at 775-673-7062.