Unlock Your Future: Career and Technical Education Leadership

Student doing coursework on laptop.
Jared Libby

Everyone deserves to have a leader who empowers them to pursue the best version of themselves. Perhaps you've already  been that person for others. Leaders support you as you grow and develop both personally and professionally, and unlock your true potential. Leadership can manifest itself in many ways; it can shape a vision, and inspire people to make it a reality. We appreciate the efforts of leaders because we know that at some point in their lives they were sitting behind the very same desks that we were. 

If you're ready to step into a more formalized leadership role, TMCC is now offering the Bachelor of Applied Science in Career and Technical Education Leadership (CTEL) degree program. Starting this Fall, this new online program will help you become a leader and expert in your field of study, and usher in a new era of guidance.

Knowledge is Power

Like an astronaut ready to blast out of earth’s atmosphere, the CTEL program is structured so that you’re able to achieve that academic liftoff. The requirements are manageable for any student, establishing CTEL as a launching point worth headlining. Additionally, it is a bachelor's degree for those whose career selection is devoid of one. Many careers require a bachelor's degree for advancement, and if you possess a bachelor's of any sort, it will meet those requirements.

Much of the enthusiasm for this program is in its ability to educate a new generation of supervisors and leaders. Several motivating factors include reinforcing your work experience and academic success, as well as meeting your needs for job training and leadership or management skills for personal and professional advancement. If you already possess an associate degree in any field of study, you're ready to get involved with the CTEL program, and when admitted, expect to gain legitimate academic credibility and professional status.

Julie Muhle is the Academic Program Director of the Dental Assisting Program at TMCC, but she is also the CTEL program’s enthusiastic lead organizer.

“In this degree, it helps you to learn how to teach what you know, and you can become an instructor in a high school, you can become an instructor in a college. You can be a trainer. You can work with corporations as an industry liaison,” she said of the program’s possibilities.

Students will be able to share their knowledge in a protected, scholarly setting. What’s paramount is protecting that culture of unique experiences they will bring with them to class each and every day. As a result, students will know how to maintain a secure space in their respective industries. 

“I think they look for instructors who are present. If someone is trying to get a hold of an instructor, they shouldn’t have to wait two weeks for an answer because it just doesn’t make sense. Being present. Being receptive. Understanding that the people who take this program, in particular, are going to be adult learners,” she said regarding favorable administrative practices.

Education becomes something special when you have resolute leaders blazing the way for you. These leaders help guide along the path of learning after students take the first steps. Once students begin to tap into their raw potential, the doors of opportunity will become easily visible and accessible to them.

The Value of Leadership

There should not be any doubt that Career and Technical Education Leadership has a vital role to play in preparing students for the workforce. As it ushers in a fresh class of executives, the CTEL program will educate students capable of meeting contemporary industry standards. It is also designed for accessibility, meaning that students wishing to learn from home can do just that. “This is online. The courses are robust, and they will give you the knowledge you didn’t know you should have,” Muhle said.

You will also have the opportunity, if you choose, to seek an internship to secure hands-on experience. Your advancement as a professional and the connections you establish will be invaluable. Not only that, but your credentials as a powerhouse instructor may catch the eye of a high-caliber institution.

This program steadily prepares students for industries with the most substantial job growth. Students will choose from a selection of course offerings and determine a career path and program of study that’s right for them. Businesses typically get involved to both cultivate skills needed for future qualified employees, and to bolster their own local and regional communities. Future employers are seeking knowledgeable candidates who have both vocational skills as well as soft skills.

“You have to be invested in that human sitting across from you who has paid the money, who has parents or spouse or children who are counting on them, and you need to help draw out what they need,” Muhle explained.

Go Forth and Do Great Things

The figurative light bulb that illuminates atop a student’s head after they grasp a concept is invaluable. CTEL will be instrumental in providing these moments of pure, academic bliss thanks to a novel generation of supervisors. The prospects of personal and professional success are plentiful, courtesy of a degree program that’s certified and eager to do just that.

“Learning how to work with people. Learning how to work with different cultures. Having a broad enough foundation to understand the legalities of leadership and the methods of leadership,” Muhle expressed about positive teaching principles.

For more information about the Bachelor of Applied Science in Career and Technical Education Leadership degree program at TMCC, contact the Applied Technologies Department.