Win Big During Financial Aid Literacy Month

April is financial literacy awareness month.
Rebecca. A. Eckland

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, TMCC’s Financial Aid Office is going to make sure you know how to budget and save money using a tried and true method for conveying important information: game shows! On April 6, you can boost your money saving-savvy while playing the kinds of games you’ve probably watched on TV growing up. Or, if you missed out on them, now will be your opportunity to play… and win! 

At the very least, participating will give you a reason to smile. According to a study by the Journal of Rehabilitation and Mental Health, watching game shows can have a positive impact on your mental health. While a classic episode of Wheel of Fortune may turn your frown upside down, just imagine what could happen if you actually played the game instead of just watching it? In addition to the opportunity to win cool TMCC-themed prizes, you will also walk away with priceless knowledge on how to keep–and save–your money. We think that’s a win-win all around! 

Chances are, you don’t need to phone a friend to know that this is definitely a “deal” you don’t want to pass up. 

Play to Win…and Save! 

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month by stopping by the Student Center on the Dandini Campus for their Budget Friendly Fun (BFF) event, which happens from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. You can start your journey into financial savvy by taking the Thrifty Shopping Challenge, which asks: can you actually tell the difference between generic and name brands? 

Whether it’s tasting the difference between Ritz crackers and generic brands, or if designer jeans really look (or feel) all that different from generic ones, we’re going to put your sensory system to the test! Although there are certainly exceptions (you are entitled to have your favorite coffee, cracker or pair of jeans!), most times there is little to no difference between name brand products and generic ones… well, aside from price! Learn which generic brands you can add to your shopping list to shave savings into your monthly budget. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start leaving name brands in the dust. 

Next up, stop by the Which Way Wheel, where you can spin to win the chance to answer questions about Financial Aid à la Wheel of Fortune. Not to give the game away, but questions could include: 

  • Who should apply for financial aid? 
  • What is the difference between a “need” and a “want”? 
  • Is all debt bad?

Answer the question right, and you could win a prize or be entered to win the grand prize... which is a PowerBank! 

Once you’ve gotten your fill of being “wheely” happy, you can check out the Cup of Credit Challenge where you can combine your hand-eye-ping-pong-ball-coordination with your knowledge about Financial Aid. 

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes and … Snacks!

Finally, you can round out your experience with a TMCC’s take on The Price Is Right’s famous Plinko pricing game where disks cascade through a peg-filled board to land on an amount that will correspond to–you guessed it–another Financial Aid question!

Each “win” at a game will earn you “bucks” that can be used in exchange for raffle prizes, which include a wireless speaker. You can also treat yourself to snacks and selfies with TMCC’s mascot, Wizard. 

So, come on down, spin the wheel or toss the ball to submit your final answer in order to learn how you can be the true winner this April… and learn how you can budget, save and find financial freedom.

For more information about TMCC’s Financial Aid Office, contact them at 775-673-7072.