Target Your Goals with the Career Hub

Student on a laptop conducting a job search online.
Rebecca A. Eckland

At the start of a new semester, maybe you are like many TMCC students: not only excited about starting new classes and becoming one (or several!) steps closer to your degree, but you’re also excited about finding a new job that can help to support your journey toward your academic and professional goals. Maybe you need a little extra spending money, or maybe you want more on-the-job training that could help you to land the ideal career once you graduate. No matter the reasons why you’ve decided now is the time to find a new job, the good news is that the TMCC Career Hub is ready to help you along the way. 

Wait…Career Hub? Yes, that’s right! In addition to all the amazing support services offered by our campus community, TMCC also has a resource for all of our students who are also job seekers, and who want to know more about how they can develop themselves into ideal job candidates. After all, wasn't your dream job the reason you decided to go to college in the first place? 

With career experts ready to meet you wherever you are (they are available by appointment at any TMCC location, in-person, by phone or video conference), our staff can help you no matter if you’re just beginning the job search process, if you’re submitting applications, preparing for interviews or if you’re ready to work on your networking skills to meet other professionals just like you. 

Insider Scoop from Career Hub Professionals

Psssst… so don’t tell anyone our Career Hub professionals told you this, but today the job market is sizzling hot like a day in July!  Or, maybe you knew that already. This can be both great news and another reason why working with one of our Career Hub professionals can help you to navigate lengthy job boards and multiple job offers which may or may not meet your needs as a college student. 

“Employment is a partnership, and making sure that it is a good partnership is important,” said Career Hub Program Manager Sidney Sullivan, who explained that the right job should offer you more than just a great paycheck. “The Career Hub is really focusing on teaching students how to advocate for themselves, especially in job markets like the one we are witnessing now when you have so much opportunity.” 

This semester, the Career Hub will once again be offering a series of workshops to help you learn how to do exactly that: to brush up on your job search skills, how to write a cover letter and resume, and other important skills you need when entering the job search process. 

Among the several offerings is a new workshop focused exclusively on Job Searching. This workshop will be offered both in-person and virtually. “I’ve had a lot of students reach out to me about job search because they aren’t quite sure where to start navigating all the different job search components,” said Elizabeth Ortiz, Career Hub Specialist. “The workshop really focuses on what the processes are for searching for a job. This can be identifying your target goal, and knowing how to define what your work skills are based on your previous experience and work history.”

Ortiz will also help students to understand where they can apply for jobs. One example she cited as a difference between finding a job on the Career Hub resource "Handshake" versus applying through Workday; the former is a list of student employment opportunities, while the latter are job opportunities that are open to working at TMCC as a full or part-time faculty or staff member. 

“In this workshop, I’ll also explain how students can understand and navigate job titles. For instance, you might see one job listed as an ‘administrative assistant’ but then you might not notice other job titles for similar positions…. So the workshop will help to break down a job description, and how that can help you refine your job search process,” said Ortiz. 

The Job Searching Workshop will be offered at the Dandini Campus in RDMT 115 on March 2, 14 and April 12, starting at 12:30 p.m., 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., respectively. The workshop will also be offered virtually on Mar. 17 from 4:30–6 p.m. 

Finding the Right Fit

Once you feel confident in your ability to conduct a useful job search, the process of professional growth, even as a potential job candidate, isn’t over. For college students especially, there is value in asking yourself about your educational and career goals, and giving yourself honest answers. “After all, your educational goals are your career goals,” said Sullivan. “There’s an enormous demand and more jobs available than eligible employees.” 

So, fear not: if you want to work, chances are you will definitely find a job. 

Yet, both Sullivan and Ortiz advise you to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are you finding a job that is best for you? 
  • Does the job suit both your short-term and long-term goals? 
  • Will the time requirements support your current schedule? 

“In the interview process, you are interviewing the employer just as much as the employer is interviewing you,” said Ortiz. “Students need to remember that they have skills and that they should advocate for themselves in the process, too.” 

On-Going Opportunities

In the coming months, the Career Hub will host several in-person and virtual workshops that are free and open to students on various topics related to their professional and career development, including: 

  • Writing a Winning Resume
  • Handshake 101
  • Ace the Interview
  • Learn about LinkedIn
  • Networking and  Business Cards

If attending a workshop during the semester doesn’t work with your busy schedule, the Career Hub will also offer a “Spring Break Bootcamp” from Mar. 14–18 on the topics listed above in both in-person and virtual formats.  The jobs are out there, waiting for you to apply. Right now, however, it’s time for you to consider how a job will do more than offer you a paycheck; a career should offer you professional and even personal enrichment opportunities while supporting the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

“Right now, it’s important for students to find those stepping stones that can help them reach their goals. And that involves learning to ask the right questions about what is actually possible, and if this particular job can actually support education and career,” said Sullivan. 

For more information on the TMCC Career Hub, upcoming workshops, and other support services they offer, contact their office at 775-673-7060.