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'Tis the Season to Register Now

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Rebecca A. Eckland

We know, we know: you’re busy! We’re right at the cusp of the holiday season, which for many of us means an increased number of gatherings, more hours to work and study, and the feeling of being overwhelmed that comes from having a full schedule.  If you’re a student, that also means that finals time is creeping up, which means that the hours you devote to studying and preparing for classes are increasing as well! As if that wasn’t enough, we’re here to remind you that it’s also time to register for your Winter and Spring Session classes. 

Before you panic, though, we thought we’d offer you this unique guide to help you register for classes that will help you to get to that commencement stage efficiently and well-prepared for the next step in your professional journey...and in life!

Why You Need to Register Now

Call us "Captain Obvious," but in order to help relieve some stress by getting more off your proverbial plate, it’s best to take care of what the business folk call “the low-hanging fruit.” That means the easy-to-complete tasks that can be done right away and that can immediately (and with little effort) make your to-do list look shorter... which, therefore, reduces your stress level and makes you feel instantly accomplished.

If you’re not sure what classes you need to take in order to complete your degree requirements, this is also a great moment to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. They can let you know what classes you need to take in order to stay on track to your individual educational goals. 

Getting these steps out of the way might not make you feel like a million bucks exactly, but we can guarantee you’ll breathe a little easier knowing that next semester is all taken care of. 

Looking for Classes? Here's Some Advice

Although every certificate and degree path is slightly different, we believe there’s value in every class we offer at TMCC. While we would love to tell you all about each and every one, we bet you wouldn’t be interested in reading an article that long! That’s why we narrowed it down by A LOT to a few classes in our Business and Social Science Division that not only fulfill certain core requirements, but that can help you to become a better, more well-rounded person, regardless of your major. 

If you want to keep busy over the holiday season, TMCC’s Winter Session has your name on it! Classes begin on Dec. 20 and end on Jan. 13, and ensure that you really make the most out of the winter break. Although we understand that it’s nice to take a break, if you are looking to squeeze in three credits, the Winter Session is a great option for getting that one required class on your transcript...quickly. 

For example, we think the Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 101, Section 6731) is one of our top choices. In addition to covering your Social Science core curriculum requirement, what better way to spend the holiday and New Year than by learning about the nature of culture, human history and world ethnography? As our world becomes increasingly aware of diversity and culture, this class will open your eyes to the origins of diversity and culture, while providing you with a vocabulary you’re sure to use, no matter what career you end up pursuing. 

By contrast, if you’re the kind of person who watches the news (or the news feeds!) and want to get a better understanding of the complexities and nuances of American politics, Introduction to American Politics (PSC 101, Section 6001) covers your U.S. and Nevada Constitution requirements while doing exactly that. In this class, you can expect to learn more about American national, state and local governments, constitutional documents and insights into national, state and local political processes. 

If you’d rather take classes during the Spring Semester and after enjoying winter break, you can't  go wrong with taking The Principles of Sociology (SOC 101). Regardless of your major, this class is a great introduction to the social sciences in addition to satisfying the Social Science core curriculum requirement. In this class, you’ll be introduced to sociological principles that contribute to the development of culture, structure and function of society. These topics and ideas will give you unique insights into the reasons why society and individuals act the way they do. 

Just One More Thing…

If you remember only one thing from this article, it’s the advice: Register Now! There’s no time like the present to save your seat and to take the next step into your educational and professional future. 

So...what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to Register Now