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So, You Want to be a Teacher?

teacher writing on white board in elementary classroom
Rebecca A. Eckland

Even if you’ve dreamed of becoming a teacher, chances are you might not have all the answers when it comes to how to obtain licensure, alternate routes to licensure, or what the day-to-day job actually entails. Or, maybe you’ve always (secretly) wanted to be a teacher, but the myths around the low paycheck have scared you away. Either way, the Future Nevada Educators Summit is a free two-hour event that will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about how to navigate your future career as an educator. 

This inaugural event brings together educators from all over the state, as well as the Nevada Department of Education, Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institutions and the Nevada State Teachers of the Year (NVSTOY) to offer you a glimpse into the reality of this rewarding and challenging profession.   

The summit happens on Tuesday, April 27 from 6–8 p.m., and although you’re required to register to attend, it is free. 

“This is such a great way to get a wealth of information,” said Nevada State College Coordinator Vannessa Nicholas, who will be presenting in one of the breakout sessions. “It’s really going to be a valuable use of students' time, and I encourage anyone with an interest in teaching to attend.”

Nevada Needs Teachers

Education is one of those professions that will always be in need of more of its front-line workers: teachers. And yet, the State of Nevada in particular is in dire need of people who want to lead a classroom filled with young minds. Julie Armbrecht, the Education Program Coordinator at TMCC, sees value in this summit that will provide a warm and informative welcome for anyone who’s interested in teaching. 

“There’s a teacher shortage that is coming our way,” she said. “And, this event is going to be really helpful for anyone who wants to go into the teaching field. There are going to be several workshops where students can gain practical skills and other break-out sessions in which educators will share their experiences of what teaching is actually like.” 

The event will begin with Keynote Speaker Juliana Urtubey, who is the 2021 Nevada Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the National Teacher of the Year Award. Her talk entitled “Creating a Joyous and Just Education” will explore the challenges she faced which enabled her to appreciate all the rewards of a long teaching career. 

Several breakout sessions will follow the keynote address, covering a wide range of topics; participants are free to pick which sessions they attend. Topics include: alternative routes to licensure, the perks of this profession, and personal accounts from teachers across every discipline and type of classroom, to name a few examples. 

“This event crosses county lines, as well as the Northern and Southern parts of the state.  It will include the entire Nevada System of Higher Education and the Nevada Department of Education. Students who attend will have the opportunity to interact with people from all of the different schools, as well as representatives from the Nevada Department of Education, and the NSHE office. The ability to pool all those resources together into one virtual place and time is very exciting,” said Nicholas. 

Following the breakout sessions, each school district and NSHE institution will have their own “breakout rooms” where students can meet with representatives to ask them specific questions about programs, or what it is like to be a teacher in that particular district. 

“This is such an inspiring resource for students because there are very few times that everyone in the system comes together to offer these resources,” said Nicholas.

Something For Every Teacher

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your journey to becoming a teacher or you’re completing your licensure, there’s something for everyone in this summit. Prospective education majors can speak to recruiters from education programs from across the state to find the one that will be the best fit for you. Likewise, teachers looking to enter the workforce can explore what each school district has to offer and find a place that they can call “home.”

“This is a really great event to get people excited about becoming a teacher while learning very tangible ways to do that,” said Nicholas.

Bring your tough questions to the event and get ready to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the most rewarding profession on the planet. All participants will receive a certificate of completion for attending the event. 

Participants need to register for the free event. For more information, contact the Social Sciences Department at 775-673-7185.