It's Never Too Late for Late Start Classes

Photo of a book and alarm clock.
Rebecca A. Eckland

If a part of your “new normal” is that you lose track of time, you’re in good company! Although TMCC has always offered late start classes, this year we encourage you to “be late” by signing up for one or more of these classes that might start later than our “regular classes” but end on the last day of the fall semester like every other class. 
What does that mean? For one, the class will have fewer class meetings than others that started on August 24. Despite this, you will meet for the same number of credit hours as other classes.  How does that work?  Well—the class is offered in a condensed format, which means you might have more homework than a class that meets on a more regular schedule. 
However, if the idea of studying a topic for sixteen weeks makes your skin crawl, late start classes can chop the time by up to a third, which could potentially give you back several weeks without having to think about [insert your least favorite academic subject here.]
Take the first step in being late, and visit to read all our late start offerings. 

What are the Most Popular Late Start Classes?

We’re so glad you asked that question! If scrolling through a long list of classes isn’t quite your style, here are a few we think you should look at—they are applicable to several degree programs, and might be the next General Education credit that you need to get one step closer to your academic goal. 

  • Art 100: This online class explores visual forms and contemporary concepts through a variety of media. If you need to fulfill your UNR Fine Arts core curriculum requirement, this could be your ticket. Be sure to enroll today—the class begins on Oct. 30!
  • Math/English: No matter your major, you have to complete math and English credits. If you didn’t sign up for either of these subjects at the beginning of the semester in August, it’s not too late to add them as a late start class. An added bonus? Depending on the start date, your class will be at least four weeks shorter than it would have been if you started at the beginning of the semester. That’s a great way to get your program requirements completed!
  • Political Science 101: If American politics leaves you scratching your head, you’re not alone. However, this class in American Politics might offer you some insight into how American national, state and local governments function. The class also explores Nevada’s constitution, government and contemporary political issues. If you’re looking for a class to fulfill the U.S. and Nevada constitution requirements, this one checks both boxes… and it starts on Oct. 26. 

If You’re a Business Major...

One of TMCC’s most popular majors is an associate of arts degree in business. If this is your major, we have several late start classes that can help you get ahead of the curve and on-track to graduate, we have a handful of late start classes that can enable you to do exactly that.  
Maybe August was a tough moment for you—just because you didn’t enroll at the beginning of the semester doesn’t mean that all is lost. There’s still plenty of time to find classes that will work with your schedule and enable you to meet your academic and professional goals. Our top picks for late start classes for business majors are: 

  • Accounting 201
  • Economics 102 and 103
  • Marketing 210

Just One More Thing

Remember that saying, “better late than never?” We encourage you to embrace that this fall and take late start classes that can get you back on track to graduate, so you can move forward with your life and all those dreams that are waiting for you after you graduate.
Be sure to check out our line up of late-start classes. If you have questions about registration, connect with one of our knowledgeable Academic Advisors by requesting a virtual appointment.