FAFSA Fiesta is Your Gateway to Financial Aid

A person hitting a piñata with a stick. Money is falling out of the piñata.
Rebecca A. Eckland

No matter what kind of student you are—first-generation, full-time, part-time, returning or lifelong learner— it’s no secret that higher education has two attributes: 

  1. It is life-changing, and;
  2. It is expensive. 

While there’s not much we can say about the former (how education changes your life is as diverse as the experiences that unfold in every college classroom), college is also undoubtedly pricey, so an article convincing you of the reasons why you really should apply for financial aid seems like a no-brainer. 

That being said, applying for financial aid generally—and filling out the FAFSA specifically—isn’t the easiest thing to do, and quite honestly, there are a handful of more enjoyable activities to be completed in an afternoon. However, we think you should join in on one of TMCC’s new traditions: FAFSA Fiesta. If you’re wondering how those two words go together, read on.

What is the TMCC FAFSA Fiesta?

On the evening of February 11 from 5-7 p.m. at the Dandini Campus let your finances collide with the fabulous financial aid staff for two hours of everything you’ll need to do to make sure your Fall 2020 semester is financially sound.  

“Many students are surprised by the kinds of financial aid that they qualify for,” said Elisabeth Saldana, TMCC Financial Aid Coordinator for Scholarships and Outreach. Typically, your current FAFSA application is based on your tax information from two years ago, but Saldana encourages students to attend the FAFSA Fiesta because, with the help of a financial aid advisor, a student can receive the aid to support their education. 

If you think that the FAFSA only opens the flood gate to student loans, think again: the FAFSA is an application for Pell Grants, federal grants, scholarships, work-study, and student loans. If you’re a Nevada Promise Scholar (new or continuing student) the FAFSA Fiesta is a fabulous way to complete your financial aid file (which is a requirement of the scholarship.) 

In other words, no matter what kind of college student you are, in order to find out what free money could possibly have your name on it you have to start with the FAFSA.  Our TMCC Financial experts are ready to help you on Feb. 11 with exactly that. If that isn’t enough to fiesta about, we’re not sure what else is. 

Scholarship Application Workshop

Another time-honored TMCC tradition is the TMCC Foundation Scholarship. The application opened January 1, with priority given to applications submitted before March 1. Never heard of Foundation Scholarships? These are scholarships that every TMCC student can apply for, that are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

Applicant qualifications are based on official records and a scholarship application.  Successful scholarship applications typically attend a scholarship workshop. This year, the scholarship experts have teamed up with the FAFSA Fiesta for a two-hour financial aid extravaganza that could definitely pay off if you decide to attend. 

Do This Right Now

Like all good things in life, space at the FAFSA Fiesta is limited, so RSVP online today. (When you RSVP, indicate whether you are attending the FAFSA session, the Scholarship session or both.) For more information about the FAFSA Fiesta event, contact Elisabeth Saldana, Financial Aid Coordinator for Scholarships and Outreach.