SGA Wants YOU to be Involved

Student Government Association officers standing in the student center.
Rebecca A. Eckland

Have you heard of the SGA? Chances are, you know TMCC’s Student Government Association through their on-campus events such as Finals Week Food and Mini Paint Party (which happened recently at the Dandini Campus, Meadowood Center and the William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center) with their offerings of free donuts, bagels, and coffee. 

This semester, over 4,000 TMCC students attended SGA events. “This is the largest attendance we’ve ever had at TMCC,” said Student Life and Development Associate Keith Bingham, who is looking forward to watching that number grow in the future. 

And why is that? The SGA wants to get you involved at TMCC. That way, future events, programs, and incentives are sure to make your college experience as positive as possible. 

“We really want to get to know the students at TMCC,” said SGA Vice President Valeria Saborio. “We want more students to participate in our meetings, and we’re looking forward to meeting more of them in future events.” 

So even though the semester is winding down—and we’re recovering from final exams and looking forward to winter break—we wanted to take a look back and a glimpse forward on what fun events the SGA had planned for you this past semester, and to tell you how you can become more involved and how you make more positive changes on campus. 

Looking Back: Fall 2019 in Review

TMCC’s SGA made this past fall semester memorable with swag giveaways (which included their must-have SGA Planners), parties with food (a Dia De Los Muertos celebration) and meaningful events that enable TMCC students to give back to the community (they hosted a Voter Registration Day and a Blood Drive).  

If you missed these great events, be sure to follow TMCC’s SGA on Facebook and Instagram or check out the events calendar on the TMCC website. The added perk of following the SGA? You’ll be the first to learn about special programs and opportunities for TMCC students, which could include discounts, new dining options, upcoming events and more. 

Connect with the SGA in Spring 2020

When asked what students can look out for next semester, the SGA answered: the sky’s the limit. TMCC students can expect to see changes both large and small (and for the better) next semester.  

According to SGA Senator Alyssa Fromelius, the projects on the horizon are many: “We’re working on replacing plastic utensils with birch ones in the cafeteria to be more green. We are also looking into re-doing all the campus maps, getting more social media coverage of our events, and installing a screen outside of the SGA office so that students can get to know us better,” said Fromelius. 

Other improvements? More (and improved) student lounge spaces, more advertising about upcoming events, and disseminating more information about opportunities at TMCC to earn a 4-year degree.

Additionally, future events will include two blood drives, outdoor events, movie nights, food trucks on campus and events in collaboration with TMCC’s Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability. 

If there’s something that’s missing in this brief list of what’s to come, the SGA says: tell us! The easiest way to connect with the SGA is to visit their office in RDMT 121 (just behind the Welcome Center in the Student Center). You can also find information on joining an SGA meeting there, too. 

For more information about TMCC’s amazing Student Government Association, contact them at 775-673-7203.