Meet the 2019-2020 SGA Officers

Rebecca A. Eckland
sga officers 2019-2020

2019-2020 SGA Executive Officers are: Vice President Valeria Saborio and President Alexandra Patri.

SGA Election results are in, and our students have spoken! With 525 student votes (which is the most in the past seven years) our voters are interested in events that bring the campus community together through shared experience, food, culture, live music, and movies.

So, before the semester ends and you disappear into your summer vacation, we wanted to introduce you to your new Student Government Association (SGA) Officers!

Meet the SGA Executive Officers

SGA President Alexandra Patri has been attending TMCC since 2017. She’s currently studying Business and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Petri’s focus will be on improving the overall efficacy of the Student Government Association as well as focusing on academic success. “I would like to see TMCC focus more work toward increasing graduation rates. A majority of community college students who require remedial schooling at the start of their college experience withdrawal before completion. I believe there are many ways TMCC can be changed in order to ensure a greater quality of campus experience for students. I would like to better our local community college and help the Student Government Association reach their full potential. As your President, I will make concerns, observations, and inquiries of students are well communicated at TMCC."

SGA Vice President, Valeria Saborio is an International Student from Costa Rica who is pursuing her Engineering AS and later specializing as an Industrial Engineer. “I am passionate about STEM, design thinking, prototyping, languages, and getting to know people and cultures from around the world. I particularly advocate for women in STEM and Disability Awareness, being a hard-of-hearing person myself. I feel blessed that through my weaknesses I have been able to help others reach their full potential, no matter their limitations. My main goal as the Vice President of the SGA is to create opportunities, spaces, and events that will empower every single student at TMCC to thrive for excellence and success.”

Meet the SGA Senators

Haruna Takahama, Bryan Martin and Logan Lorentzen are focused on improving the number and kind of events offered on TMCC’s campus. “I would like to see more events that connect TMCC students to the faculty through fun games and social interaction,” said Lorentzen.

Martin is focused on events that last more than a few hours long, and that occur outside of the typical school day. “I would like to see many more on-campus events and student involvement activities, especially on the weekends,” he said.

Takahama, an international student from Japan, is also looking to improve the on-campus community through events. “I want to improve SGA’s activities, which are excellent opportunities to be involved in other students and to know each other,” she said.

Senator Alyssa Fromelius is focused on campus wellbeing by focusing on developing a community health center on campus. “A Community Health Center on campus would help many of us get basic medical help and provide medical students with a great environment to learn and develop their skills.”

Senators Brendan Aguiar and Rachel Holderread are focused on supporting student academic success. “I want to see change that improves academic opportunity by better organizing required courses to more reasonably suit the educational and career goals of students, reducing expensive textbooks through the adoption of open educational resources, access to assistive technology for students with disabilities, and more opportunity for networking, campus involvement, interaction and collaboration by continuing to increase and provide support to campus clubs and organizations and improvements to our indoor and outdoor communal spaces,” said Holderread.

Aguiar’s focus is also academic, but he would like to increase the number of 200-level courses: “If at all possible, I would like to bring more 200-level courses to TMCC where [they are] lacking. Being an engineering student, I've noticed that we're lacking in electrical engineering and computer engineering courses,” he said.

Do you still want to make a difference?

If you missed your opportunity to run for a seat in the SGA, this is your lucky year: there is still one open position in the SGA Senate that must be filled this summer. Applications will be accepted through May 31 at 5 p.m. Students can apply online.

For more information on TMCC’s SGA, contact their office at 775-673-7203.