Water Bottle Conservation Challenge

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
TMCC Reusable Water Bottle Image

"Although individuals vary, close to 60 percent of a human body's weight comes from water, and it's really important to stay well-hydrated to allow your body to function efficiently," said Laura Briggs, Biology Professor at Truckee Meadows Community College. “The actual percent depends on the person, but on average the range is 55–75 percent. Things like age, gender, body type, more muscle can all play a role.”

Students returning for Fall Semester on Monday, Aug. 28, were offered a free water bottle to fill at hydration stations and reuse—a helpful way to stay well-hydrated while dashing to classes.

“We had more than 200 water bottles to give away, in three different styles—tall green safe-plastic bottles, wide-top orange, or gray refillable bottles,” said YeVonne Allen, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Office Program Manager.

Allen and TMCC staff volunteers handed out the containers at the East Entrance of the V. James Eardley Student Services Center.

“It's awesome—there are now 11 hydration stations on four TMCC sites,” Allen added. “All hydration stations are officially installed and ready for the semester.”

  • When: Monday, August 28, while supplies last
  • Where: East Entrance (south end) of Student Center

The bottles can also be used for a new contest, "Cupanion."

Fall Cupanion Contest

The Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Office is announcing a sustainability initiative for the College, “Cupanion.” The challenge is open to students, faculty and staff.

For the contest during Fall Semester, participants load an app on their mobile phone to keep track of how many times a reusable bottle is refilled. Refilling containers with water prevents single use bottles from being tossed into landfills, or saves the energy it takes to recycle them.

The free app is Cupanion, an “eco-drinking buddy.” It works together with a sticker, a tag that has a special bar code for scanning. Participants open the app and scan the bar code each time their cup or bottle is filled.

Students and staff may pick up their sticker from either the new Diversity and International Services Center (DISCO), the Student Government Association (SGA) offices, or at the “Sustainability Booths” set up on the Dandini Campus on the first day of classes and at TMCC's Field Day.

  • When: Aug. 28–Dec.1
  • Stickers: Pick up bar code sticker tags at DISCO in Red Mountain Building, room 114, or SGA in Red Mountain Building, room 121, or at Field Day
  • Field Day: Thursday, Aug. 31, 11 a.m.–2 p.m., TMCC Plaza

Participants accumulate points toward raffle tickets. The electronic raffle tickets may be entered for a chance to win two grand prizes at the end of the challenge period.

  • Each scan is 10 points
  • 100 points earns a raffle ticket
  • Maximum 10 scans per day

“When your app informs you of an available raffle ticket, make sure that you ‘claim’ it,” Allen added.

The grand prizes are a Fitbit Charge 2™ fitness tracker, and a 21-ounce Hydro Flask® vacuum water bottle.

“Thank you for utilizing our water bottle filling stations and for reusing your bottles and cups,” she said. “Good luck to everyone participating.”

For more information about TMCC’s hydration stations, please contact YeVonne Allen in Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability at 775-673-7123.