It’s Time to Enroll For Winter and Spring

K. Patricia Bouweraerts

Spring Schedule Image

Class Schedules are now available for Winter and Spring registration at Truckee Meadows Community College. The well-liked Course Planner section continues to be featured, and brand new this Spring is an expanded selection of classes offered at the Meadowood Center.

The updated timetable allows those studying at sites in south Reno to complete all general education classes at TMCC’s Meadowood Center. Basic advising and financial aid assistance for business students will also be available at the Center.

“Careful planning has ensured all courses needed are offered at complementary times to each other, such as English and Math classes held at non-conflicting days and hours,” said Armida Fruzzetti, PhD, Dean of Liberal Arts. “All students can benefit, but those with a business emphasis in particular.”

Entrepreneurship majors are very positive about the revised and centralized schedule.

“I’m so grateful that TMCC is making the Meadowood campus a full-service site,” said Stephanie Eyre, E-Club President. “It makes it easier on the students so they don’t have to travel back and forth between campuses. It’s also more economical because you’re not wasting gas.”

Winter Session 2015-16 begins on Monday, Dec. 21, and Spring Semester 2016 starts on Saturday, Jan. 23.

Students can find their desired classes in TMCC’s 2015-16 Winter Session and 2016 Spring Semester class schedules. New courses are added often, so for the most recent list of open classes, go to to search.

The Course Planner section continues to be an often-visited part of the Fall and Spring schedules, and begins on page 87 of the 2016 Spring Class Schedule. This section outlines when specific courses are offered, creating a resource for viewing class sequences. The Course Planner also shows whether courses are offered in-person or online.

Registration for continuing students began Monday, Nov. 16, and for new students on Thursday, Nov. 19.

Important Information:

  • To register, log on to
  • Winter Session is Monday, Dec. 21 through Friday, Jan. 22.
  • Spring Semester is Saturday, Jan. 23 through Sunday, May 15.
  • Please check the online searchable class schedule at regarding any prerequisites for the course in which you are enrolling.
  • Remember to check the dates when fees are due.

Note: If you haven’t applied for admission to TMCC yet, visit the website for Steps to Enroll.

For more information, visit the Admissions and Records Office at Red Mountain Building, room 319, or call 775-673-7111.