Earth Day Celebration


Apr. 18, 2024, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Student Center, Dandini Campus


This year’s TMCC Earth Day Celebration emphasizes the Seventh Generation Philosophy. This core value, practiced in Indigenous communities for thousands of years, which underscores that the decisions we make today, should result in a sustainable world for generations in the future.

In the past couple years, TMCC administrators, faculty, staff, and students have worked together, demonstrating how important this cause is to our institution. We continue to roll up our sleeves, innovate, and work diligently as we forge forward in the face of the ongoing challenges our planet is facing. We recognize that as the stewards of this planet, we have tremendous responsibility as we forge forward, applying the seventh-generation philosophy.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite all TMCC constituents and our Reno/Sparks community to pause and take a moment to appreciate all the benefits provided by this wonderful planet. We invite all to strengthen our resolve to do the right thing for each other and this planet we call home!

Also, we invite you to participate by having a table where you can display and speak of your endeavors related to sustainability and protecting our planet and its biodiversity. Learn more and reserve a table today!

See you all at our TMCC Earth Day celebration!