International Education Week - The Infamous Origins of Tango: Buenos Aires Yesterday and Today


Nov. 19, 2020, 10 - 11 a.m.




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Description: In this presentation the presenters will make an introduction to the fascinating story of tango. Using Google Maps and historic pictures, the idea is to walk attendees through the history of tango while showing them the Buenos Aires of yesterday and of today. Through this presentation you will have a chance to learn about the European influences of this magical music and dance, and how it ended up becoming a cultural symbol for the people of Buenos Aires until today.  

Presenters: Dr. Elena Atanasiu and Julia Auzmendi 

Dr. Elena Atanasiu is a Foreign Language instructor and coordinator in the Humanities Department at TMCC. She is a native speaker of Macedonian and Polish, and in addition, she speaks a few other languages as well. She spent some time in Argentina and Chile, where she fell in love with tango. She loves to read, travel, dance, and meet new people. She calls Reno her American hometown and spends her time exploring the area with her 4-year-old son Francis.

Julia Auzmendi was born in Buenos Aires to a typical 'porteño' middle class family. Under the influence of her Italian, French and Spanish grandparents, she grew up listening to tango and learning about different languages and cultures. She studied at University of Buenos Aires and then moved to the U.S to start her family. She studied at UNR and created the Reno Tango Collective, an organization that promotes tango by bringing musicians and dancers to Reno and organizing tango evenings for the local community.