Vice President of Academic Affairs

Additional Assignments (per NFA Contract)

Per the Nevada Faculty Alliance (NFA) Contract, Article 10, TMCC is announcing the following additional assignments. Please contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs for information on archived additional assignment postings.

Date PostedSeptember 2014
 August 2014
 June 2014
 May 2014
 April 2014
 March 2014


Additional assignments are temporary in nature and will not exceed the fiscal year. Any situation requiring payment of additional compensation for longer than one year must be addressed to Human Resources. Additional compensation is not added to an employee's base salary, is not subject to any across-the-board salary increases, and is not a factor in any vacation or sick leave payouts.

Procedures for payment must be completed prior to the beginning of the additional assignment or before services are performed.

All additional compensation will be paid in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

StepsProcedures and Special NotationsApproval Levels
  • Request for additional assignment is submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) using the template on the VPAA website.
  • The VPAA forwards the additional assignment to Human Resources (HR) and the Grants office (if applicable) for review.
  • The VPAA simultaneously reviews the additional assignments for general items like posting time frame, selection notice, method and amount of pay or release time, following the NFA Contract.
  • Assignments must be posted for a minimum of 10 working days prior to any decision to hire.
  1. VPAA
  2. Human Resources
  3. Grants Office (if applicable)
2. The HR and Grants Office (if applicable) notify the VPAA and requesting department of any concerns/corrections.
If corrections are made, the requesting department will resubmit the additional assignment to the VPAA for review.
  1. Human Resources
  2. Grants Office (if applicable)
  3. VPAA
3. Upon final approval from the VPAA, the additional assignment is posted to the VPAA website and an "all campus" email is distributed announcing the additional assignment. This is done in accordance with TMCC NFA Contract.
  1. VPAA
4. Prior to assumption of additional assignment:
  • Once a candidate is selected for the additional assignment position, the appropriate hiring paperwork is completed by the requesting department. The paperwork MUST include the employee's supervisor's signature prior to submitting to the VPAA for final approval.
  • Approval signatures must be obtained prior to assignment begin date.
  1. Supervisor of the additional assignment
  2. Division Dean where the employee works
  3. Candidate's signature
  4. VPAA
5. Once the final terms of the additional assignment have been finalized, the VPAA will update the "Final Terms" document on the VPAA website. This is done in accordance with the TMCC NFA Contract.
  1. VPAA