TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

3 Objectives Measures 1.1. IncreaseWCSD capture rate 1.1.1. WCSD capture rate 1.2. Increase headcount of high school students enrolled at TMCC 1.2.1. Number of courses offered at high schools 1.2.2. Headcount of Jump Start students enrolled by term 1.2.3. Number of current WCSD students enrolled at TMCC 1.3. Increase percentage of underrepresented populations 1.3.1. Percentage of underrepresented students enrolled by term 1.3.2. Applications by ethnicity 1.3.3. Percent of underrepresented students receiving financial aid 1.4. Increase percentage of non-traditional students (25+) 1.4.1. Percentage of non-traditional students enrolled by term (25+) 1.4.2. Applications by 25+ students 1.5. Increase headcount of international students 1.5.1. Headcount of international students enrolled by term Key Strategies / Strategic Opportunities Design and maintain virtual tour that includes all TMCC educational sites Hire a recruiter for the college to focus on non-traditional populations and adults (25+) Align marketing initiatives to key audiences identified Expand Jump Start offerings at high schools Work with 100 agents to recruit worldwide to increase international enrollment Hold events on campus to attract underrepresented students Promote Bachelor of Applied Science programs Streamline intake and registration processes Goal 1Increase enrollment by 2% by 2020