TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

4 Objectives Measures 2.1. Foster climate of successful course completion 2.1.1. College-wide retention rate 2.1.2. Number of faculty utilizing early alert system 2.1.3. Number of students utilizing tutoring services 2.1.4. Retention rate in online vs face-to-face courses 2.2. Improve fall-to-fall persistence rate tomatch fall-to-spring persistence rate 2.2.1. Fall-to-spring persistence rate 2.2.2. Fall-to-fall persistence rate 2.2.3. Percent of students seeing an advisor after their first term Key Strategies / Strategic Opportunities Implement Learning Commons model to increase utilization of academic support services Hold registration promotion event each semester Provide training for faculty on how to use early alert system Develop support for degree-seeking undecided majors Promote Freshmen Incentive Grants and TMCC Incentive Grants Goal 2Increase retention and persistence by 5% by 2020