TMCC Strategic Master Plan 2017-2022

3 Core Theme 1: Student Success Objective 1: Improve successful completion of students’ educational goals, including graduation, transfer, and CTE completion. Strategies Academics  Increase the fall-to-fall persistence rate to match the fall-to-spring persistence rate.  Conduct a Gateway course completion campaign.  Implement a part-time faculty mentor program for Gateway students.  Implement registration and drop holds on Gateway cohort.  Increase faculty professional development and training.  Enhance embedded tutoring and supplemental instruction programs.  Modify Skills Center requirements and math courses.  Provide additional training for Developmental Math Instructors.  Hold a registration promotion event each semester.  Implement Learning Commons model to increase utilization of academic support services.  Offer stackable certificates and degrees.  Provide and market clear articulation agreements, especially with UNR.  Schedule courses in an effective, student- centered, and completion-oriented manner  Ensure that a full complement of GE courses is available each semester. Student Services  Offer On Track to Graduate workshops.  Provide graduation incentives grants.  Develop support for degree-seeking undecided majors.  Provide more incentive grants and scholarships and discounted tuition.  Continue First Year Experience programming for Undecided and Success First Students.  Address financial barriers that interfere with student persistence: FLAMES, Wizards’ Warehouse, emergency scholarship workshops; student employment; paid internships  Use technology to effectively manage communications and services that support enrolled students’ success and completion (CRM, People Soft, Canvas, social media, texting, veterans’ listserv etc.). Including:  Starfish use (Early Alerts; Kudos; Progress Reports; Student Success Plans)  Audit process  Strategic use and management of holds including drop holds for targeted populations  Invite continuing students to apply for financial aid, including addition of To-Do list item for non-FAFSA degree seeking students  Provide faculty training on how to use the Starfish Early Alert System.