TMCC Student Services and Diversity Annual Report (2016-2021)

2 Message from the vice president of student services and diversity Welcome to the Student Services and Diversity Annual Report. This publication marks the fourth year we have completed an entire assessment cycle. This is also the last report for our first Strategic Master Plan. We are thrilled with the progress we made to realize our goals and to adjust strategies in response to data. During this reporting year, the COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on how our Division provided important services to our students, in addition to howwe performed everyday tasks. Student Services and Diversity was impressively nimble in our transition to remote services, since increasing use of technology tools to improve efficiency and services has been an SSD priority for the past four years, making the transition to remote services a little easier. Academic Advising was ahead of the curve, as they already offered virtual appointments using video technology, so all other departments followed suit. SSD personnel worked diligently to modify processes to facilitate remote work for faculty and staff in order to leverage technology to provide remote services to students. Student Services and Diversity Division is proud of our accomplishments and growth throughout this planning process. We worked together to reach our goals and continue to shape our culture to include valuable resources such as creative collaborations, not only among units in SSD, but also to include the other departments throughout the college. Collaboration has become part of our culture and is now the norm that will continue to help our college community continue to flourish in the future. EstelaGutierrez Vice President of Student Services andDiversity