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Can TMCC help me with child care?

Find information at the E.L. Cord Child Care Center Web page.

Do I have to pay for parking at TMCC?

Parking is free at all TMCC campuses and educational centers. No permits are required.

Does TMCC have a program for single parents?

Yes, contact the TMCC Re-Entry Center at 775-673-7062 at the Dandini Campus, Red Mountain Building, room 111. The re-entry center serves single parents and displaced homemakers through several educational and support programs.

Does TMCC offer on-campus housing?

TMCC does not offer housing on its sites.

Habla Usted Espanol?

See our list of bilingual staff.

How can I contact my professor or part-time instructor?

Try the online faculty and staff directory first, or call TMCC's main information number at 775-673-7000.

Part-time instructors do not have assigned offices, although messages can be dropped off in the Red Mountain Building, room 315, or left at the main information phone number at 775-673-7000.

How do I get a student ID card?

  • You can obtain your student identification card at the ID station in RDMT 315.
  • You will need a government issued form of identification, such as a driver's license or passport. You will also need to be enrolled in at least one credit hour for the current semester.
  • ID cards are issued on the Saturday of the week before classes begin, and may be issued until the last day of the semester.
  • Each semester you will be issued a new sticker for the back of your ID card.
  • Your first student ID card is free of charge, but a $5 charge must be paid to replace a damaged or lost ID card. Pay at Accounting Services/Cashier's office and bring your receipt to the ID station in RDMT 315 to receive your replacement ID card.

How do I get a student locker?

Place a $10 deposit at Accounting Services (Cashier's) at the Dandini Campus in the Red Mountain building. Then present your receipt at the information center in room RDMT 315 A.

How do I request a group tour of the campus?

We currently do not offer tours but there is an online campus tour available for viewing.

How far is the Meadowood Center from the Dandini Campus?

The Meadowood Center is about 5 miles from the main campus, but allow 20 minutes driving time.

What are the hours for the TMCC bookstore?

Check the TMCC bookstore website for current hours. Note that the bookstore is closed any time the school closes; for instance, holidays and weather-related closures.

What bus do I take to get to UNR from TMCC?

The information desk in the Red Mountain Building, room 315 has bus schedules; you can also find RTC's routes and schedules online, or you can contact RTC directly at 775-348-RIDE.

Where do I attend a New Student Orientation (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration)?

Visit Academic Advising's Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) Web page for further information.

Where is TMCC located?

TMCC has five locations and offers classes and workshops at more than 40 sites in Washoe County.

Does TMCC offer student health insurance?

No, not at this time; however, enrolled students may opt for voluntary health insurance.

Students should determine which plan best meets their personal needs, since each plan has significant differences in coverage, options, and premium amounts. Students are encouraged to review their options carefully before purchasing any insurance plan.

Financial Aid Impact: If the premium amount of a student's insurance exceeds the amount that is currently included in that student's financial aid package, the student may request an increase in their budget by providing the TMCC Financial Aid office with verification of payment.

Students may consider one of the voluntary plans listed below, or seek other options elsewhere. Students submit payments directly to the selected vendor; payment of insurance premiums is not processed through TMCC.

Note: TMCC does NOT endorse these companies, but provides the information as a courtesy to students.

How do I change my degree?

You may change your degree online by completing a Degree/Emphasis Change form.

If you are an International Student on an F-1 visa, you will need to meet with an International Student Advisor to change your degree.

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Do I need a high school diploma or HSE (GED) to attend TMCC?

No, a high school diploma or HSE (formerly GED) is not required to attend TMCC, unless you are applying for special admission or wish to declare a degree program.

How do I apply for admission at TMCC?

The TMCC Admissions and Records office has an online application form and many other resources to help you get started. Please review the information available on our Steps to Enroll web page, or feel free to contact us.

How do I become a student at TMCC?

The first step in becoming a student at TMCC is to complete the online application for admission. Learn the important step-by-step process on how to start at TMCC by checking out the Steps to Enroll.

Once you have been admitted to TMCC, you will receive a student ID number, username, and password. Prior to enrolling in classes, please complete Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) online.

How do I enroll in classes at TMCC?

Submit an application for admission and receive an admissions letter from TMCC which contains your student ID, username and initial password.

Then, log in to MyTMCC and click on the "Student Center". Check your Enrollment Dates from the area on the right. If the links says "Open Enrollment Dates", you are eligible to enroll at any time. All registration activity happens in the shopping cart. Under the "Academics" section, click on the "Enroll" link or the "Enrollment Shopping Cart" link.

If you do not know the class number for the class you would like to add, use the search function on the shopping cart screen to search for open sections by subject and course number. From the list generated, select an open class which is designated by a green circle. This puts the class into your shopping cart.

To finish enrolling in the class, select the box next to the class and click "Enroll". Confirm this is the correct class and then click "Finish Enrolling".

How do I formally declare a major?

Visit the Steps to Graduate web page or contact Academic Advisement for information.

I applied for admission to TMCC, but have not received my admission letter. What do I do?

It can take up to seven business days for you to be admitted to TMCC. Depending on the preference you selected, you will receive your admissions letter either by email or postal mail. If after seven days you still have not heard from us, please contact admissions and records.

If I'm a UNR student, do I need to apply for admission at TMCC?

Yes. Each school in the Nevada System of Higher Education has its own admissions process. To become a TMCC student, complete the online application.

What are the criteria for acceptance into TMCC?

All adults are welcome to apply at TMCC. If you are 17-years-old or younger or not a U.S. citizen, additional information is required. Contact admissions and records for more information.

What degrees are offered at TMCC?

TMCC's course catalog has the answers and outlines the degrees we offer.

What is the cost to attend TMCC?

Cost to attend full time at TMCC is considerably less than attending a university. See the tuition and fees section for current information.

Where can I ask about transferring to the University Nevada, Reno?

Academic counseling and advisement can help you on your way to the University of Nevada, Reno.

Where can I get a TMCC catalog or schedule?

View the college catalog online at and the schedule at You may also log in to MyTMCC to view the course catalog and schedule. Students can click on the "Browse Course Catalog" or "Search for a Class" link to obtain this information. Be sure "Truckee Meadows Comm College" is shown in the "Institution" box.

Where can I go to prepare for taking the HSE (formerly GED)?

TMCC's High School Equivalency (HSE) program (formerly "GED") will help prepare you to take the HSE examination.

Where do I find information about applying as an international student?

Visit the international students web page for information, or contact the international admissions office.

Where do I pay for my TMCC classes?

You can pay for your TMCC classes in several locations:

  • You can pay by credit card on MyTMCC.
  • You can pay in person at Accounting Services (Cashier's), in the Red Mountain Building, room 318.
  • You can pay via drop-box at the south entrance of the Elizabeth Sturm Library, or the first floor of TMCC Meadowood Center.

Who needs to complete the TMCC Steps to Enroll?

All new, degree-seeking students must complete the required Steps to Enroll: take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test, and attend Academic Advisement's Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR).

Why do I have to complete the required enrollment steps?

TMCC requires all new degree-seeking students to complete the free Required Enrollment Steps (RES) to help ensure their success as new college students. Finishing each required enrollment step will help prepare you for your first semester at TMCC and guide you towards graduation.

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Does TMCC have an application deadline?

TMCC does not have an application deadline for the Fall 2014 term. We encourage students to apply as early as possible to ensure they can complete the needed Steps to Enroll and get their preferred classes. In addition, we want you to be successful! Research shows students who apply well in advance of the first class meeting have much better success rates.

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Can I apply for more than one degree/certificate in the same semester?

Yes; however, each degree/certificate must be submitted on a separate application.

Do I need to attend the TMCC commencement ceremony to receive my diploma?

No. Although we encourage all students to attend the TMCC commencement ceremony, it is not a requirement to receive your diploma. The diplomas are not given out at the ceremony.

Do I need to submit an application for graduation to receive a degree at TMCC?

Anyone seeking a degree from TMCC must submit an application for graduation in the semester they are completing the requirements for the degree.

Complete and submit the online application for graduation and survey.

How do I apply for TMCC graduation?

Complete and submit the online application for graduation and survey.

I need proof that I have completed a degree at TMCC, but my diploma is not available yet. What can I do?

Once your graduation application has been processed, your degree is posted to your transcript and a communication is sent to your communications center in MyTMCC and to your preferred email address notifying you that you have met the requirements for your degree.

If you are a current TMCC student, you are able to view and print out your unofficial transcripts using MyTMCC. Access to request your official transcript is no longer available using MyTMCC.

The National Student Clearinghouse provides the following services (please note that these services are not free):

Is there a residency requirement to graduate from TMCC?

Yes. To fulfill the residency requirement, all students must complete (a minimum of) 15 credits at TMCC that are directly applicable to the degree for which you are applying.

What are the TMCC graduation application deadlines?

The graduation application deadlines are:

  • Spring - April 1
  • Summer - June 1
  • Fall - November 1

If the first of the month falls on a weekend, then the deadline will be the following Monday. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for the next semester. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

When and where is TMCC's commencement ceremony held?

TMCC commencement will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort. The ceremony lasts approximately two hours. Visit our commencement information page for dates, times and further information.

When will my diploma be mailed to me?

Diplomas are generally mailed 8-10 weeks after the last day of the term, but during peak times (e.g., spring semester) it may take longer.

Your diploma will be mailed to the mailing address you have entered in MyTMCC. Address information must be updated in MyTMCC by the last day of your graduation term.

Will all of my transfer courses apply toward my degree?

Applicability of transfer courses toward a student's degree program is determined by their respective departments.

If you have not already done so, go online to fill out and print a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form, or visit the Admissions and Records front desk (RDMT 319).

TMCC will accept a maximum of 45 credits in transfer.

Can I walk at commencement if I am completing my degree the following semester?

Students are eligible to participate in commencement if they have completed all degree or certificate requirements in the Fall or Spring prior to commencement, or are completing their degree in the Summer term directly following commencement.

All graduating students are encouraged to participate in commencement exercises held at the close of the Spring semester each year. At that time, all Associate degrees and Certificates of Achievement are conferred upon Fall, Spring and Summer graduates for the academic year.

Applicants for graduation will be sent information on commencement ceremonies in the Spring semester.

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How can I change my residency from out-of-state to Nevada?

Complete the Change in Residency Status application form and turn it in along with the required documentation to the Admissions and Records Office.

How can I find out if a class is open?

Search for open classes/class sections in MyTMCC  > Find Open Classes (on the Add/Drop Classes screen).

How do I find out my final grades?

Access your grades through MyTMCC. Grades are available approximately one week after the end of the semester. 

If you need a printed copy of the grades, you can use MyTMCC to print an unofficial copy of your transcript that will show all your classes and grades, including previous terms.

I attended TMCC, but I don't know if I graduated. Where can I find out?

Contact admissions and records for graduation records.

I enrolled in a class but became sick, had a death in the family, or was called to active duty and had to drop the class after the refund date. Am I eligible for a refund?

These are some of the extenuating circumstances that may be allowed to grant a refund. Complete the request for exception to refund policy form and turn it in along with the required documentation to admissions and records.

I enrolled in a class, but now want to drop it to add another class. How do I do this?

You may do this by using the swap function located in the registration area in MyTMCC. This can only be done during the Add/Drop period. If it is past the 100% refund period, you must get permission to get into the new class late by getting an Add/Drop form from the academic department. Write the class you want to drop in the drop portion of the Add/Drop form and bring it to admissions and records. They will complete the swap manually for you.

I have a new address, how can I update this information?

Log on to MyTMCC to update your personal information. Once you are logged in, click on "Student Center". Under "Personal Information" select the demographic data link to update your information. If you have been placed on an address hold, you must contact admissions and records to have the hold removed.

I never attended a class I registered for, why can't I get a full refund?

Students are responsible to drop their classes during the 100% refund period whether or not they attend the class. See TMCC's refund policy.

I want to switch and audit my class. What should I do?

Complete the Grade Audit Form and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office.

My name has changed or is incorrect, how can I update this information?

Complete the Request to Change Personal Identification Data form and turn it in, along with the legal proof of name change, to the Admissions and Records Office.

Due to special circumstances, I never attended classes or dropped on time for a refund; who do I contact to see if there is an exception so I may receive a refund?

Students are responsible to drop their classes during the 100% refund period whether or not they attend the class. If you have extenuating circumstances, you may complete the Request for Exception to Refund Policy form and turn it in to the Admissions and Records Office.

The class I want to register for is full. What do I do?

Log in to MyTMCC and click on "Search for a Class" link to look for other sections that may be open. Check back regularly to see if a seat in your desired section of the class opens up.

What books do I need for my classes?

The TMCC Bookstore in the Red Mountain Building has all the textbooks sorted by class. Refer to the class schedule for the bookstore's hours of operation or call 775-673-7172.

What do I do if I can't enroll in classes?

If you are experiencing difficulty enrolling in classes you should:

  • Check your holds. Log in to MyTMCC. Click on your "Student Center," and see if you have any holds listed on the right side of the page. Contact Admissions and Records for clarification on any holds listed here.
  • Check your prerequisites. You may not have completed the prerequisites for the class(es) you are trying to enroll in. Prerequisites are listed in the course catalog and class schedule search, underneath each class identifier. Log in to MyTMCC and check your transcript for classes that you have completed.
  • If you have any further questions regarding enrollment, contact Admissions and Records.

What does it mean to audit a class?

A student who audits a course will not receive a grade or credit for that course. An auditor pays regular fees and, at the discretion of the instructor, must meet all regular class requirements. Changing from audit to credit or from credit to audit must be done by filing the necessary forms before the filing deadline printed in the current class schedule. Forms for changing to or from audit status require the student's signature and must be processed at the Admissions and Records office.

What happened to the discount rate for students living in neighboring California counties?

In 2011, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents discontinued the "Good Neighbor" tuition rate.

If you had been attending TMCC using the "Good Neighbor" tuition rate continuously up to fall 2011, you will be grandfathered in, so long as you continue attending TMCC continuously.

New students from qualifying "Good Neighbor" counties may apply for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) rate.

What happens if I drop a class?

It depends: If are you a Veteran, international student, financial aid, health science student, or work study student then contact those departments for more information. If none of these apply to you, and you drop the class after the 100% refund period for the class, you will receive a W grade.

What should I do if I want to change a class?

Check your schedule for add/drop deadlines and use MyTMCC.

When and how can I register at TMCC?

Once you are admitted to TMCC, please see the class schedule for your registration times and dates and then register for classes online with MyTMCC.

When do classes start and end for this semester?

Check TMCC's calendar information.

Who can tell me more about registration at TMCC?

Information can be found on the registration information Web page, or call the TMCC Student Services registration hotline at 775-673-7111.

Why won't MyTMCC let me enroll in the English or math class that I want?

Both English and math departments require that students either:

  • complete the appropriate prerequisites at another college,
  • present the advisement office with official transcripts which show the prerequisites were taken, or
  • take the ACCUPLACER test.

Will I receive a bill showing how much I owe after I register for classes?

Bills are mailed approximately two weeks prior to the first date fees are due for early registrations. You can always check your account balance on MyTMCC and after the priority registration fee date, fees are due each Friday. Any unpaid balances are subject to late fees and can be sent to collections, so it is imperative that you pay for your classes. Remember to officially withdraw from any class you are not going to attend or you could be responsible for the fees or even receive a failing grade.

What should I do if I am unable to register for classes due to an enrollment hold on my account?

There are a variety of enrollment holds that may affect you as a student. For example, you may have a hold because you need to complete SOAR, attend an On Track to Graduate workshop, meet with an Academic Advisor, pay a past due balance, or update your information with Admissions & Records.

To determine the type of hold on your account, please log into your MyTMCC Student Center and click on "Details" in the Holds section on the right side of the page.

The details will outline steps required to remove the hold and the appropriate department to contact.

What is TMCC’s policy on repeating courses for a higher grade?

A student who has repeated a course may petition to have the higher grade remain on his/her transcript and have the lower grade changed to an "R" to indicate the course was retaken.

Students may replace up to 12 semester credits.

To petition for grade replacement, please complete and submit a Grade Replacement Request for Repeated Courses form. Students will not receive duplicate credit for repeated courses.

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Do I need my high school transcript or copy of my GED to register for classes?

High school transcripts are only mandatory if you are under 18, have been graduated or passed the GED and are seeking special admission to TMCC. (If you are under 18-years-old and have not graduated, special forms are available at admissions and records.) If your ACT or SAT scores are posted on your transcript and you want to use those for placement in English or math, submit your transcript. High school transcripts are also required when applying for financial aid or scholarships.

How can I obtain a TMCC transcript?

Please go the National Student Clearinghouse to request official transcripts. Students are charged a fee to request an official transcript. Current students are still able to view and print out unofficial transcripts using MyTMCC.

How do I get transcripts from other schools sent to TMCC?

To have transcripts sent from another institution to TMCC, you must order the transcript directly from the school you previously attended. Contact the institution to find out their requirements, transcript request forms and costs. To have to transcript sent to TMCC, include the following information:

Truckee Meadows Community College
Admissions and Records RDMT 319
7000 Dandini Blvd.
Reno, NV 89512

Should I turn in my high school transcripts when applying?

Transcripts are not required unless you are 17-years-old or younger, applying for financial aid, or have recent ACT/SAT scores on your transcripts.

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Who decides how courses will transfer?

Transfer courses are evaluated for general transferability by the admissions and records evaluators. Accepted courses at the university level may or may not apply toward a student's degree program.

Will all of my accepted transfer courses apply toward my degree program?

Applicability of transfer courses toward a student's degree program is determined by their respective departments. Please contact your advisor for transfer course applicability. TMCC will only accept a maximum of 45 credits in transfer.

Where can I see my evaluated transfer credits?

Once your transfer credits have been evaluated officially, you will see the courses in your MyTMCC Student Center on the transfer credit report, in your course history, and in your advisement report. Transfer credits will not appear on your TMCC transcript.