Student Informed Consent for Online Classes

Expectations for TMCC's Online Students

  • Be a self-starter: have the maturity and motivation to work independently.
  • Use time wisely: be organized, be self-directed, and be willing to use new modes of communication and learning.
  • Be willing to put in the needed time: read the text carefully, and actively participate in online class activities.
  • Check communication frequently, submit all assignments on time, and discuss any concerns and questions with the instructor.
  • Have regular access to a computer that meets minimum requirements.
  • Have basic computer skills and be able to navigate the Internet.

How Online Classes Work

  • Confirm you have your username/password and know how to access the online class.
  • Be sure to check in for the first time within 1-2 days of the start of a session/semester.
  • Reserve ample time for checking course communication and to participate in course activities. It is recommended to dedicate at least 3 hours per credit per week towards your online courses.
  • Read the course syllabus and check for any special instructions from the instructor. Be aware of any instructor expectations as well as any assignment/activity deadlines.
  • Tour the online class to become familiar with where to find assignments and activities.
  • Follow the assignments and associated deadlines as identified on the syllabus and/or special course instructions.
  • If you have a question or concern, contact the instructor through established course communication.
  • Some online courses will require proctored exams. Please refer to your syllabus for details. If you are required to take a proctored exam you can use the Testing Center. If you can not make it to campus, you will be asked to take your proctored exam through ProctorU, and will be responsible for a fee per exam. Details will be provided by your instructor.

Note: online courses are just as difficult, or more difficult, and may be more time consuming than traditional courses. Online courses typically require much more reading and writing than traditional classes.

Minimum Required Computer Set-up

Hardware and operating system requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Capable of internet browsing
  • Email and word processing capabilities

Software: Recommended Applications and Viewers

  • Web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox recommended)
  • Word processor compatible with Microsoft Word 2016
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Flash Player
  • Additional media players may be required by instructors

Required Browser Settings

  • Allow pop-up windows from all sites (*
  • Allow cookies from all sites
  • Javascript enabled
  • Java Runtime Environment installed

Minimum Computer Skills Required

  • Ability to download and install files from the Internet.
  • Knowledge in navigating the Internet.
  • Proficient in use of search engines for research.
  • Ability to send and receive email with attachments.
  • File management skills: copy files from a flash drive or the Internet to a specific directory on the hard drive.
  • Word processing skills such as: how to create files, open files, save files, print files, and edit documents.
  • If you need to upgrade your computer skills, please consider taking one of the introductory computer courses offered at TMCC.

Minimum Student Behavioral Expectations

Students taking an online class will log in as requested by the instructor. At a minimum, students will log in to the class three times a week. Students should be aware that your instructor may administratively withdraw a student for non-attendance or impose other consequences for failure to meet this login requirement. Instructors may also impose additional login requirements.

Students taking an online class for the first time should complete the Getting Started with WebCollege Online Tutorial before the start of the class to confirm the necessary computer skills, familiarity with essential online class functions, and awareness of strategies for online student success. 

To comply with requirements for students receiving federal financial aid, students must check into the class within the first two days of class, and must engage in at least one substantial activity (e.g., sending a course communication to the instructor, participating in a discussion and/or completing a quiz) each week of the class. This minimum level of participation only satisfies the federal regulation and does not supersede the additional requirements that may be set by the instructor of the course.

Third-Party Software Disclaimer

Some online courses may use third-party software such as ProctorU, Turnitin, Alex, MyMathlab etc. Read the syllabus carefully to determine and ask your instructor for clarification if needed.  Additionally, please become familiar with our TMCC Student Resources in Canvas.