Respondus Test Generator

Installation File: Respondus Test Generator

Input the following when prompted by the installation program:

Institution Name Local Support Contact Installation Password
Truckee Meadows Community College Brandy Scarnati Y2007I261813843R2dde3cbd9b091930

The Institution Name and Installation Password information must be entered exactly as shown above.  Password valid through July 2020.

Please remember that users should not contact Respondus, Inc. directly for technical support (see below).

Be sure to review the information provided below. The last section contains a sample email message that you can send to instructors at your institution regarding the Respondus Campus-wide License.

If you have questions about the campus-wide license or the Respondus software itself, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or fax (425-881-3329).

Respondus Campus-wide License Overview

The Respondus Campus-wide License permits unlimited use of the Respondus software at the licensing institution. This is an annually renewing license that expires July 31 of each year.

The Administrative Contact for the license is provided a special installation program of the Respondus software that can be redistributed to faculty. Also provided is password information that must be entered each time the Respondus software is installed. Both items need to be provided to instructors. It is up to the institution to determine how to redistribute the Respondus installation program and password information. Most institutions distribute the software via an intranet or local server that is accessible only by faculty. If the Respondus installation program is accessible via the Web there must be a login/password requirement to download the software. Moreover, the password information for the Respondus software should not be displayed on a web server that is accessible to anonymous users.

User Guide and Support

The Respondus User Guide is available in Word/WordPad format. Licensing institutions have permission to modify and/or redistribute the user guide in either electronic or print format; however, it is generally recommended that instructors download the user guide directly from the Respondus website to ensure that they receive the latest version.

All support questions from faculty must initially be directed to staff at the institution. If the support staff cannot resolve a problem, an "Authorized Support Person" from the institution can forward the question to

The Authorized Support person(s) currently permitted to submit questions to Respondus, Inc. are as follows:

The goal of the Support Services group at Respondus, Inc. is to try to reply to questions within one business day. Information about patches and upgrades of the Respondus software will be provided to the Administrative Contact. Respondus, Inc. will allow faculty at the licensing institution to download patches directly from the Respondus website. Upgrades that require a full installation will be provided to the Administrative Contact for redistribution.