Faculty/Staff Complaint Policy

The TMCC faculty/staff complaint policy is available to students who wish to have a concern resolved about a TMCC faculty or staff member.

Please note that all complaints of a sexual harassment nature or an equal opportunity issue will be referred to the Human Resources Office for resolution, should the complaint(s) involve an employee of Truckee Meadows Community College.

Note: to file a complaint against a student, please refer to the Student Conduct Policy.


The objective of the TMCC faculty/staff complaint policy is to resolve concerns about a faculty or staff member as quickly and efficiently as possible at the level closest to the student.

Complaint Form

The TMCC faculty/staff complaint form is available online and in any TMCC administrative office.

When to File a Complaint

A complaint should be filed during the semester of occurrence, but no later than 60 days from the first day of the following academic semester.

Filing a Complaint

Informal Resolution

Initially, the student who is considering submitting a complaint against a TMCC faculty or staff member should attempt to resolve the concern directly with the appropriate faculty member or staff member. If the complainant is not satisfied or not willing to address the issue with the individual, a formal process may be initiated.

Formal Resolution: Process

A faculty/staff complaint form must be completed, signed and submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office.

The department chair will initiate the resolution process by investigating the complaint within ten working days.

A resolution is then recommended to the dean of the appropriate department, and the dean must respond within sixty calendar days after the receipt of the complaint. The dean will either concur with the findings and recommendations, dismiss the charge, or suggest a new resolution.

If there is no appeal, the decision of the dean is final.

If the Complainant is Not Satisfied with the Resolution

An appeal can be made to the Vice President of Academic Affairs within ten business days from the receipt of the decision.

The appeal must reasonably establish that:

  • The established procedures were not properly followed; or
  • An adequate opportunity to present evidence was not allowed; or
  • The evidence was not substantial enough to justify the decision or resolution.

A decision regarding the appeal will be conducted in a reasonable amount of time by the VPAA. The decision on the appeal is final.

Out-of State Online Students

For out-of-state online students, please contact Kelly D. Wuest, Administrator at 702-486-7330 ext. 229.

Online Learning Student Complaints

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) has established a process of addressing student complaints with online classes.