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Nursing Clinical Requirements Mini Assignment

Per the NFA Contract, Article 10, TMCC is announcing to all eligible academic and administrative faculty that a need exists for 10 Nursing Clinical Requirements Mini Assignments.

Posting Date

Nov. 1, 2021


These ten positions are for the additional time required for preparing students for Nursing clinical rotations, tracking students at Nursing external clinical sites, and for meeting additional documentation requirements during COVID-19 for Fall 2021.

Scope of Work

The work will take place during Fall 2021.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Meet the tracking and documentation expectations of all external Nursing clinical sites, including all of the additional requirements due to COVID-19.
  • Prepare students to successfully complete their clinical rotations.
  • Provide all necessary feedback to students and incorporate current educational standards.


Full-time faculty in Nursing, teaching clinical.


1 credit of overload or equivalent per assignment for Fall 2021.

Reports To

The Dean of Life Sciences, Allied Health and Public Safety.

Application Process

Interested full-time faculty will submit a letter of interest to the Dean no later than Nov. 12, 2021.

Selection Process

The Dean will notify applicants of the hiring decision on or before Nov. 15, 2021.