Faculty Mentor for Part-time Students

Per the NFA Contract, Article 10, TMCC is announcing to all eligible academic and administrative faculty that a need exists for six Mentors for Part-time Students.

Posting Date

Aug. 15, 2019


Faculty mentors for part-time (PT) students will have a primary role in encouraging PT, degree-seeking students to persist in their Fall 2019 semester courses and through to the Spring 2020 semester through personal, face-to-face interaction. Mentors will have an assigned group of PT students to encourage and assist by providing guidance on what students will need to do to succeed; offering tips on time management, study skills, and connecting with their instructors; identifying and connecting them with support resources such as tutoring, academic advising, financial aid, and enrollment assistance; and, communicating and ensuring that students understand and follow NSHE and TMCC policies, such as gateway math and English course completion. Mentors will also inquire, discuss, document and report on the challenges faced and other insights provided by PT students during their interactions.

Scope of Work

September 1–December 20, with estimated time of 6–10 hours per week. There may be up to 4 days where hours are scheduled during off-contract time (December).

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  1. Attend scheduled, mandatory trainings on policies, campus resources, technologies (BlueJeans, Peoplesoft and Starfish), and documentation throughout the Fall semester. We anticipate the first training to be scheduled September 6. 
  2. Schedule a minimum of 6 but up to 10 hours/week with the coordinating academic advisor and be on campus at the designated area and scheduled time to meet with students. 
  3. Schedule, hold, and document a minimum of 2 face-to-face meetings with assigned PT degree-seeking students. Meetings must be in person or face-to-face via BlueJeans or other videoconferencing software and can be held individually or in small groups of approximately 2-4 students. During meetings, mentors should offer encouragement and assistance and inquire and document the challenges faced and other insights provided by PT students. Students may also request additional meetings as desired.
  4. Assist students with getting an advising appointment in Fall for Spring 2020 registration.
  5. Remove registration holds on PT students once meetings have taken place.
  6. Manage Early Alerts in Starfish.
  7. Respond to drop appeals for Math and English courses and student inquiries on registration holds, primarily through proxy emails.
  8. Summarize data collected on challenges faced and other insights provided by PT students, and report these findings during a wrap-up meeting with other mentors and project coordinators. We anticipate this wrap-up meeting to be scheduled sometime between December 17–20.


  • Current faculty member at TMCC; PT teaching faculty preferred.
  • One year experience working with students in higher education.
  • Demonstrated rapport with students.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Basic end-user experience with videoconferencing software, PeopleSoft and Canvas as well as high comfort-level and ability to learn new software.
  • Must be available to attend at least one day of wrap-up during off-contract time (December).


Stipend of $2,500.

Reports To

Project coordinator in Academic Advisement.

Application Process

Interested faculty should submit the following to Melissa Deadmond and Natalie Brown no later than August 28.

  1. A 1-2 paragraph statement describing your interest in becoming a mentor, established rapport with students, and demonstrated interpersonal communication skills.
  2. A resume of no more than two pages outlining your educational background and work experience in higher education, mentoring experience, and any experience specifically with PT students.
  3. A list of courses and credit hours that you are scheduled to teach at TMCC and any other NSHE institution for the Fall 2019 semester.
  4. Administrative faculty must submit a documented plan for separation of the additional assignment from regular work time.

Selection Process

Applicants will be notified of a decision on or around August 30, 2019.