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Education Coordinator

Per the NFA Contract, Article 9, TMCC is announcing to all eligible Academic and Administrative faculty that a need exists for an Education Coordinator.

Posting Date

April 18, 2024


The coordinator is to assist the Chair of the Social Sciences Department with the following support as related to the Education program.

Scope of Work

This is an assignment requiring additional work days/hours outside regular contract days, including times as needed during the summer months to fulfill duties. The assignment will begin July 1, 2024, and will end June 30, 2025, with approximately 210 work hours/year. This additional assignment is not automatically renewed annually.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  1. Ensure that part-time instructors are of the highest quality:
    • Coordinate issues related to part-time instructors involving:
      • Recruitment.
      • Hiring recommendations including reference checks.
      • Mentorship through the following types of activities: feedback, orientation to course objectives and outcomes, assisting with classroom management concerns, ensuring resources are available for their classroom, etc.
      • Conduct peer observations and share observations with the instructor, Chair and Dean.
      • Ensure part-time instructor compliance with program/discipline guidelines.
  2. The Coordinator will ensure the following with regard to field placements in appropriate K-12 schools:
    • Ensure all Education instructors understand and follow the procedures to have students involved in K-12 schools. This includes orienting all instructors in courses with field placements to procedures, including the need for them to have routine contact with their assigned schools, contacting each instructor regularly to ensure compliance with up-to-date process, and ensure instructors and students meet all deadlines.
    • Foster relationships with both TMCC students and the WCSD (and other schools) to ensure students accurately complete all required paperwork and that all documents are submitted to the district office in a timely manner. This includes assuring all paperwork is complete with signatures and copies of appropriate ID’s are attached.
    • Coordinate the background check of each enrolled student with the WCSD (or other schools) coordinator. This requires regular contact with WCSD as to the status of the background checks, providing up-to-date lists of all students who have submitted forms, contacting instructors whose students have not completed paperwork or who have wants or warrants.
    • Coordinate with school superintendents regarding the assignment of schools for placements. This includes meeting each semester with the superintendents to ensure school placement assignments for all sections, updating school placement process, and problem-solving any areas of difficulty.
    • Ensure placement hours match requirements in the same courses at other campuses (UNR and NSC).
    • Complete the development of a field placement guide. This includes reviewing the current draft and making modifications including articulation of clear objectives for field placements.
  3. Oversee the WeTeach program offered in conjunction with the WCSD:
    • Manage the EDU courses offered in the high schools as part of WeTeach.
    • Select and mentor new teachers to teach at Washoe County School District high schools.
    • Observe and provide feedback to the instructors hired to teach at WCSD high schools.
    • Work with the JumpStart Coordinator to develop schedules.
    • Work with instructors to develop consistent college-level curriculum.
  4. Ensure the assessment process is followed:
    • Assist in the collection and analysis of established program and general education assessment data and produce an annual report based on these findings.
    • Develop, revise and review assessment guidelines and procedures as necessary.
    • Work with faculty senate committees to ensure compliance with College policies and procedures.
  5. Coordinate textbook and other ancillary material orders in consultation with other full-time faculty.  Ensure that each course is using up-to-date and high-quality textbooks.
  6. Curriculum revision/development in conjunction with the Education faculty:
    • Lead efforts to review and update, if necessary, current core curriculum.
    • Organize and guide efforts for any curriculum or program changes through the appropriate TMCC committees and processes.
    • Research trends in Education instruction in two-year and four-year colleges and recommend appropriate changes in curriculum and delivery systems that are appropriate to NSHE.
  7. In conjunction with all full-time faculty recommend appropriate number and distribution of introductory and advanced classes. In this aim the Coordinator will:
    • Utilize official enrollment data to develop the class schedule.
    • Consult with other NSHE faculty regarding curricular issues.
    • Ensure courses are offered in a schedule that allows students access and contributes to their retention and graduation.
    • Make changes to curriculum and program requirements as needed and carry through the appropriate College process.
  8. Collaborate with full-time faculty to develop a five-year strategic plan for the program.
  9. Work with EDU faculty to respond to student issues (questions, concerns, complaints, course substitutions).
  10. Maintain awareness of partner-institution program requirements and ensure articulation agreements are kept up to date.
  11. Assist with items such as program/discipline reviews, requests and proposals for budgetary items, as requested.
  12. Explore grants for EDU students with diverse backgrounds.
  13. Assist in the maintenance of Sierra 117 lab.


At the end of each semester, the program coordinator will provide a written report that details the progress and activities of education discipline to the Department Chair and Dean. The report will describe that semester’s progress on each job duty.


The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following criteria:

  • Current TMCC education faculty.
  • One year full-time teaching experience in education.
  • Must be familiar with the curriculum components of Education, including assessment practices, as well as the relevant transfer agreements between TMCC and UNR.


3 credits of reassigned time per semester or monetary equivalent. (Total 6 per year).

Reports To

Social Sciences Department Chair.

Application Process

Interested faculty will submit a letter of interest describing special qualifications and background information no later than 5 p.m. on May 3, 2024.

The letter should be addressed to Amy Williams, Dean of Business and Social Sciences. NOTE: Administrative faculty must include a documented plan for separation of the additional assignment work from regular work time.

Selection Process

The Dean of Business and Social Sciences will notify applicants of the hiring decision on or before May 12, 2024.