Corequisite Community of Practice Leader

Per the NFA Contract, Article 9, TMCC is announcing to all eligible Academic and Administrative faculty that a need exists for a Corequisite Community of Practice Leader.


April 26, 2024


The Community of Practice Leader will assist the English Department Chair and Coordinator with the following support as related to the planning, curriculum development, faculty training, and assessment processes related to the English Corequisite course.

Scope of Work

The assignment will begin July 1, 2024 and will end June 30, 2025. This position will entail approximately 210 hours per year over the fall and spring semesters and summer work as needed. This additional assignment is not automatically renewed annually.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

Conduct research into best practices for Corequisite English Composition pedagogy, share research findings, and provide opportunities for professional development with the Department. Conduct English corequisite faculty meetings and trainings throughout the academic year as needed. Provide support to new and existing part-time faculty teaching ENG 100 in conjunction with the Department Coordinator on an as- needed basis. Provide support to new and existing full-time faculty teaching ENG 100 in conjunction with the Department Chair on an as-needed basis. Attend any NSHE-sponsored meetings or system-wide trainings. Work with the Chair and Department Coordinator to develop strategies to increase retention rates. Assist Chair and Coordinator with disseminating and implementing course content developed by Co-Req OER Curriculum Developers, as is feasible and appropriate. Maintain ENG 100 Sandbox on Canvas. Write reports as required. Other duties as agreed upon with the Dean and the Chair.


Current TMCC English faculty. Five years full-time teaching experience in English Composition. Minimum of one year experience teaching in a Corequisite English model. Be familiar with the English Department Corequisite Philosophy and Plans. Have knowledge and proven skills for generating strategies for implementing tutoring for writing. Have experience with curriculum development.


3 credits of reassigned time per semester (6 credits/year total) or monetary equivalent.

Reports To

English Department Chair

Application Process

Interested faculty will submit a letter of interest describing special qualifications and background information no later than 5 p.m. on May 10, 2024.

The letter should be addressed to Natalie Russell, Dean of Liberal Arts. NOTE: Administrative faculty must include a documented plan for separation of the additional assignment work from regular work time.

Selection Process

The Dean of Liberal Arts will notify applicants of the hiring decision on or before May 14, 2024