Veterans Benefits

Veterans Course Submittal Form

This form is required to report the classes selected for each semester. Complete and submit this form to the Veterans Benefits Office at TMCC to initiate the verification process to the Veterans Administration.

Please fill out this form completely and press submit.

Note: If you answered yes to the above question see your new academic requirements from your MyTMCC account.
Subject Code
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Course #
Title of
# Credits
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  1. I understand that I must submit the course submittal form electronically to the TMCC Veterans Educational Benefits Office each semester AFTER I register in order to continue to receive benefits. I also understand that I must report any change in enrollment to TMCC's Veterans Education Benefits Office. All students receiving VA education benefits will be placed on a "VETERAN HOLD" upon certification of their enrollment to the DVA. Contact the Veteran Education Benefits Office at 775-673-7045 to have the HOLD temporarily removed if you need to change your class schedule. If you stop attending a class and don't officially drop it, you may end the semester with an over payment to the DVA.
  2. I understand that I must declare a degree/certificate program for my chosen course of education. The DVA requires that all previous education and training be evaluated. It is the DVA student's responsibility to provide TMCC with official transcripts for evaluation. I understand that DVA benefits could be terminated if previous credit is not reported to the DVA by the end of the second semester of receiving benefits.
  3. I do not expect to be paid by the DVA for courses previously passed or for courses not required for my chosen objective or major and that I must make satisfactory academic progress toward graduation to continue to receive benefits.
  4. I understand that a grade of "W" or "I" may result in reduced payment from the DVA. The DVA will not pay for audited classes. I further understand that a grade of "I" must be completed by the end of the following semester-not including summer sessions-to prevent its conversion to the lowest grade on the course syllabus.
  5. I understand that courses of varied term length (i.e. different from the official fall or spring semester term lengths) may be paid at a different rate based on the number of credits and length of the course.
  6. I understand the DVA will hold me responsible for any over payment of my educational benefits. In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1975 (Public Law 93-579), I authorize official representatives of Truckee Meadows Community College to review and discuss my record concerning educational benefits with official representatives of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  7. I understand that benefit payments are always paid one month in arrears and initial payment of benefits may sometimes be delayed depending on the DVA Regional Processing Offices' workload.
  8. I understand that by submitting this form electronically, I certify that to the best of my knowledge, all the information entered is true and that I have read, understand and agree to all conditions listed above.