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About Smarthinking

Smarthinking is an online tutoring center that provides "personalized learning assistance" in various subject areas and in writing.

Smarthinking tutors have experience with multiple sorts of writing: creative writing, business and technical writing, ESL, developmental writing and all types of essay writing. You may also submit questions in addition to essays.

This service is independent of the course itself; therefore, it can be used when you feel you need assistance!

Smarthinking is Easy to Use

  • Log in to WebCollege
  • To create an account with Smarthinking, select the Go To Smarthinking button on your TMCC WebCollege homepage
  • You are entitled to 10 hours of free tutoring assistance each semester. Each essay submitted accounts for 30 minutes.

To Submit an Essay

  • Go to Smarthinking and log in using the instructions outlined above, then select "Submit Your Writing" (small drop-down menu) and select "Essay Center".
  • Click on "Tell Me How." A "Submit Your Writing" form will appear.
  • Complete all the red-marked boxes and other information. Note: It's best to check "Grammar and Mechanics" and "Organization" or "Main Idea/Thesis."
  • Go to "Upload Writing" and click on "Browse". Navigate to the location of your essay (my documents, etc.). Be sure to read the file instructions under the Browse box.
  • Once you have submitted your essay, you will receive a confirmation email (at the email address you entered on your Registration Form) that your essay has been received.
  • Once you have received an email notice that your essay has been returned from support@smarthinking, click on 'Markup' then 'SAVE' your essay to your computer. Follow suggestions and directions. As Smarthinking indicates you can resubmit your essay for evaluation.

If you have any questions, please contact us.