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Online and eTutoring Information

Student Using Computer

The Writing Center​ at TMCC has​ a​ scheduling system ​that ​includes a built-in online consultation module, where a student and tutor can meet synchronously and work on an assignment together in an online appointment or asynchronously with submission and review via an eTutoring appointment.

Tutors provide help on global issues, including the following:

  • Organization
  • Development of ideas
  • Citing textual evidence
  • Making sure the paper meets the instructor’s assignment

Please note that tutors will not fix, correct, or proofread papers.​​

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great option for students who want to live chat with a tutor. This is an effective way to brainstorm topics and bounce ideas back and forth without having to come in. When students want to make an online appointment, they can choose "Yes - Meet Online" to create the online meeting. The student (or either member of the session) can upload a paper, in real time, into the document-sharing area. Both individuals can chat and comment on the text in the document-sharing area.

​Formatting and Meeting Options

Both the student and tutor open the appointment a few minutes before it is time to meet, and then can click on the red "Start or join online consultation" link, which opens the synchronous online meeting. A student and tutor can use a text chat and whiteboard area that allows document uploads and typing onto the document.​​


An eTutoring appointment allows students to submit a draft for tutors to review and reply with feedback. A student attaches two files (the assignment sheet and the draft) to his or her appointment, and the tutor replies with a file included in an email – almost like emailing files back and forth, except that everyone's records and documents are retrievable in the scheduling system.

​Format and Commenting Options

After scheduling an eTutoring appointment, the student will be instructed to upload the paper and the instructor’s assignment sheet after making an appointment. During the time the appointment is scheduled, the tutor opens the student's document and makes comments, and then an email is automatically sent to the student, notifying them that the tutor's comments are ready for download. The student opens this appointment and downloads the tutor's attached document.