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SGA RSO Recognition/Renewal Procedures


In order to maintain SGA recognition, all Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) must complete an online RSO Recognition/Renewal Form each Fall Semester. Prior to submitting the completed RSO Recognition/Renewal form, please review the following:

All TMCC RSOs must be recognized through SLD office. For both recognition and renewal, the RSO's officers and advisor(s) are required to complete online RSO training (through Canvas) and in person trainings each academic year. These trainings will occur at the beginning of each fall semester. New RSOs and new RSO officers and advisors of existing RSOs, that are in the process of being recognized or assuming leadership roles after the fall semester trainings will complete these trainings in coordination with the SLD office.

New RSO Defined and Requirements

New RSOs are defined as RSOs that meet one of the following criteria:

  • A RSO that isn't pre-existing.
  • A RSO that is pre-existing but that hasn't been recognized within the past academic year.

New RSOs must create a constitution or bylaws before consideration for approval.

Approval Process

After your completed form is reviewed and found to be complete and correct, the Student Organizations Assistant along with the SLD Associate will approve it. A link will be sent to your officer’s email and advisor’s email addresses with information on how to participate in our online RSO training through Canvas. In-person training times will be arranged by the SLD Associate and Student Organizations Assistant after all officers and advisors have successfully completed their Canvas training. If a member wishes to receive the Canvas link to participate in RSO training prior to submitting the Recognition/Renewal form, please contact the SGA Office.

Forms will be reviewed by the RSO Assistant. If they are complete and correct, the Student Organizations Assistant along with the SLD Associate will approve the RSO.

Contact the SGA Office if you have any questions about the following procedures.

Retaining Recognition

In order to retain SGA recognition, all student RSOs must do the following:

  • All RSO officers must be enrolled in a minimum of three TMCC credits during the Spring and Fall Semesters they serve.
  • Club members can only be current TMCC students, enrolled in at least one TMCC credit.
  • Each RSO must have an advisor who has a TMCC PCard (required to make RSO purchases). RSOs may have co-advisors, provided one of the advisors has a PCard.
  • Hold a minimum of one regularly scheduled meeting per month during the academic year.
  • Plan and host a minimum of one event or activity each Fall and Spring Semester.
  • Submit reports as requested by the RSO Assistant, Student Life and Development (SLD) Associate and SLD Coordinator.
  • Ensure the RSO officers and advisor complete RSO training each Fall Semester.
  • After Training each Fall, if executive leadership changes (president and/or other officers), the new RSO leadership will be required to notify the RSO Assistant or Student Life and Development (SLD) Associate via email. The new RSO leadership will be required to complete RSO in-person training and training through Canvas.
  • Develop and maintain an organization constitution and/or bylaws.
  • Conform to the rules, regulations, and policies outlined in TMCC's Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Students.
  • Abide by all SGA, TMCC and Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Policies and Procedures.

If any of the provisions of the RSO constitution or bylaws are deemed to be in conflict with the SGA Constitution, Bylaws or any of the NSHE rules, regulations and policies, the SGA Constitution and Bylaws and NSHE Rules, Regulations and Policies shall prevail.

Sanctions Regarding Official Recognition

Probationary Status

Any violation of SGA, TMCC or NSHE policy by an RSO that is deemed to be significant by a majority decision reached by the SLD Associate, SLD Coordinator and Student Organizations Assistant will result in probation. Should any of these positions not be available to meet within a reasonable period of time, a proxy may be appointed to represent the absent position. The time period and specific consequences of probation will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The severity of the offense(s), number of offenses, history of past violations and response by the RSO leadership to the violation(s) are the most basic, but not the only, criteria that will be considered in both probation and revocation of official recognition decisions. Probationary status still grants "recognition" to the RSO, but does not allow the RSO to request funding from the SGA Finance Committee for the duration of the probation.

Revocation of Official Recognition

Repeated offenses, an offense deemed to be excessive, or violating the terms of a RSOs probation as determined by a majority decision by the SLD Associate, SLD Coordinator and Student Organizations Assistant will result in the RSO losing its SGA Recognition. Once such a decision has been made, all benefits of being an RSO will be terminated. Once official recognition has been revoked, the RSO must wait one calendar year from the termination date before another application for recognition will be reviewed. Funds in a RSOs club account will not be accessible during this period.

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