SGA Finance Requests

Procedures are current and approved by the SGA Senate as of August, 2019

Truckee Meadows Community College is a public institution, and as such is subject to state laws governing the handling of funds (which includes yearly audits of all accounts). TMCC has established policies and procedures that govern financial practices for the college. All Student Government Association (SGA) recognized clubs and organizations must abide by the rules to maintain their "recognized" status.

Each year the SGA General Assembly adopts an annual budget that approves the appropriations of funds for the subsequent fiscal year. Within this budget, the SGA General Assembly allocates a fixed amount of money for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). Each finance request may apply for an amount up to $500. No RSO will be able to receive more than $1,500 per semester in funding.

The funds provided through the SGA come from the Student Association Fee. The funds must be spent appropriately, following SGA, TMCC and NSHE policies and procedures. To ensure the finance process is transparent, efficient and funds are spent in a responsible manner, the Finance Committee has a set process to review and approve requests.

In order to receive funding:

  1. RSOs must be currently recognized.
  2. An SGA Event Request must be submitted (if applicable).
  3. A Finance Request must be submitted.

Probation will disqualify the club/organization from being able to request any funding.

Note: Please review the RSO Recognition and Renewal Procedures for definition of Recognition, Probation and New Clubs.

Purpose of SGA Club/Organization Funding

The purpose of club/organization funding is to assist SGA-recognized student clubs/organizations in developing events and activities for students on campus, marketing materials, and educational opportunities.

Each funding request is evaluated on its ability to serve TMCC students. This ability is defined as including (but not limited to):

  • On-campus programming which has the potential to benefit all students.
  • Promotion of academic, service, professional, cultural, and leadership development.
  • SGA funds may only be used for current TMCC student related purchases.

It is important to note that SGA funding is meant to be auxiliary in nature, and should not be an RSO's sole source of fundraising. The SGA Finance Committee will consider this when making decisions about Finance Requests.

SGA Mission Statement

The RSO requesting funds must include how the event/items promote the SGA Mission Statement in the SGA Finance Request form.

How Requests are Prioritized

The number of clubs/organizations on campus is growing rapidly and they are becoming more active; therefore, the SGA Finance Committee prioritizes each club/organization finance request by its impact on the student body.

Priority is given to:

  • New clubs/organizations (as defined in the Club Recognition and Renewal Procedure)
  • Clubs/organizations with less than $200 in current funds
  • Clubs/organizations hosting events that:
    • Collaborate with other departments or clubs/organizations
    • Promote leadership development
    • Encourage student engagement in clubs/organizations
    • Are open to all TMCC students

Procedure for Requesting SGA Funding

To ensure the finance process is transparent, efficient, and funds are spent in a responsible manner, the SGA Finance Committee has a set process to review and approve requests. There are important components necessary for an RSO to receive funding, listed below.

Each academic year has a specified amount budgeted for allocation. At the end of the year, unused funds will be reabsorbed into the main SGA Student Association Fee budget. Each finance request may apply for an amount up to $500. No club/organization will be able to receive more than $1,500 per semester in funding.

Funding is not available July 1–September 1.

Finance Requests

A complete finance request includes: a budget, supporting documents for each requested item with actual costs, not estimates, and why the items requested help support TMCC and the SGA’s mission and goals.

The SGA Finance Request form must be completely typed. Failure to include a detailed description and budget, including supporting documents, will result in the automatic denial of a request.

SGA Finance Committee Meeting

SGA Finance Requests will be voted upon at SGA Finance Committee Meetings. SGA Finance Committee meetings are public meetings at which the SGA Finance Committee approves/denies each individual request. Failure of a member of an RSO's leadership to attend the SGA Finance Committee meeting in which their request is being reviewed will result in the automatic denial the request.

Dates and times of SGA Finance Committee meetings will be determined by the SGA Finance Committee chair.

SGA Finance Committee meetings are required to follow the Nevada Open Meeting Law; therefore, agendas for the hearings will be posted in accordance with the Nevada Open Meeting Law.

Guidelines to Avoid Common Mistakes

  1. Read the SGA Finance Request Procedure.
  2. If any of the main components of a finance request have not been submitted by the established deadline, the request will automatically be denied. Supporting documents must include actual proof of the cost of items, not your best guess.
  3. An RSO requesting funding must have at least one member of its leadership knowledgeable of the request present at the SGA Finance Committee meeting.
  4. The RSO must be currently recognized and in good standing with the SGA.

What SGA Will Not Fund

Below are items that the SGA absolutely will not fund:

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons, firearms, or ammunition
  • Direct donations or contributions (a service or product must be rendered for all disbursed monies)
  • Events that are fundraisers for non-TMCC organizations
  • Events or items that do not directly benefit TMCC students
  • Religious and political activities (The College and its units cannot sponsor or fund religious activities and cannot sponsor or fund political activities except when authorized by the Nevada System of Higher Education)
    • Religious and political organizations shall have access to designated College properties on the same basis as all other non-College related organizations (see TMCC Policy 5380: Use for Religious and Political Activities)
    • Religious activity is defined as any activity that primarily promotes or manifests a particular belief in or about a deity or an ultimate reality
    • The term "political activity" means doing something in active support of or opposition to a political party, a candidate for partisan political office (e.g., president, senator, representative, ballot measure, state or local legislature or office), or a partisan political group (e.g., "Historians for Smith")
  • Capital expenditures (which generally include payment for property, fixtures, or machinery)
  • Retroactive funding (effective starting in the 2018–2019 academic year)
  • Illegal activities or supplies
  • Grants, wages, or gift cards (compensation for guest performers will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • Cost of items that honor, thank, or congratulate an individual or group
  • Transportation costs for an individual or group engaged in non-club/organization related activities
  • Enrollment in college courses, academic requirements, or required academic activities
  • Legal services or bail bond funds
  • Duplication of services which are provided for free or at a discounted rate within the Reno/Sparks community
  • Travel (See SGA Club Travel Award Program)
  • Single candidate political events that do not adhere to the bylaws of the Board of Regents (Title 4, Chapter 10, Page 42)
  • Advisor-related purchases

Funding Caps

The SGA Finance Committee has set limits for items that are regularly requested.

Note: All expenditures approved by the SGA must be spent in the funding period that they were approved. The SGA Finance Committee will make every attempt to honor these funding policies; however, they reserve the right to disburse funds in any manner they see fit. Misuse of funds, using funding for anything not approved by the SGA Finance Committee or keeping excess funds in an RSO's account will result in probation at a minimum.

Approval Process

To request funds from the SGA:

  1. Submit the SGA Finance Request form by the posted due date for each funding period.
  2. Finance requests must first be reviewed by the SGA Student Organizations Assistant.
  3. Upon the SGA Student Organizations Assistant's review, the request will be placed on the SGA Finance Committee agenda.
  4. Upon Finance Committee review, the request will be placed on the SGA Finance Committee agenda.
  5. Final finance request approvals/denials occur during SGA Finance Committee meetings.

If funds are approved:

  1. All receipts must be submitted to the SLD Associate within one week of purchase.
  2. Any additional paperwork (Host – for food, gift, or award purchases; see Host Procedures) must be submitted to the SLD Associate within one week of purchase.
  3. Any money not spent will be transferred back to the SGA to be allocated toward future RSO Finance Requests.

Note: Attendance is mandatory at the finance hearing where your request is to be reviewed and/or approved. Failure to attend this meeting and include a detailed description and budget, including backup documentation, will result in the automatic denial of the request.

Funding Deadlines

Funding requests are due to the SGA Office by 5 p.m. 10 business days before the SGA Finance Committee meetings.