Psychology Program

The TMCC Psychology Program offers engaging and varied classes to meet the academic needs of students majoring in many different areas and the diverse interests of our surrounding communities.


The Psychology curricula is intended to provide both an effective academic background for those students pursuing more advanced academic goals (such as General Psychology, Introduction to Neuroscience, and various research methods classes), and lifelong learning experiences through specific topics such as Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment, Human Sexuality and Psychology of the Family.

Psychology offers two pathways for students pursuing transfer to four-year universities as follows:

General Psychology Pathway

This pathway has been developed for transfer to UNR’s General Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program. This degree pathway provides broad exposure to the subfields that comprise psychology.

Research Specialization Pathway

This pathway has been developed for transfer to UNR’s Research Specialization, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program. Generally speaking, this degree pathway is a good option for students who wish to pursue graduate study in psychology, after completing their BA or BS. The courses associated with this pathway are typically required or highly recommended by graduate programs.

Psychology Classes

  • Psychology classes are conveniently scheduled, including evenings and weekends.
  • Available as both traditional lecture and online courses.
  • Psychology courses offer smaller class sizes.
  • High quality faculty with expertise and experience in diverse areas of Psychology.
  • Designed for transfer to universities and lifelong learning (most courses meet both goals).

Therapist with patient

Psychology Faculty

TMCC’s Psychology faculty are committed to excellence in teaching and possess diverse expertise and interests such as Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Counseling/Clinical Psychology.

Our faculty have published articles and books, presented at conferences and hold professional certifications and licenses, in addition to having extensive community college teaching experience.

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