Scheduling for TMCC Faculty and Staff

College facilities, including campus grounds, are provided for the support of the regular educational functions of the College and the activities necessary for the support of these functions. TMCC employees may schedule College events in TMCC facilities during regular operating hours.

Scheduling Procedure

  1. Complete the Request Form on 25Live Using the Event Wizard
    Requests to schedule events or meetings can be done by submitting a 25Live online request.  After signing in to 25Live, you can start a reservation by clicking on the Event Wizard. You will then be guided through the steps to complete a reservation. A draft of your event will be placed in the queue once you have saved it. Reservations in the queue are processed in the order that they are received. (Note: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for 25Live.) If you do not have access to 25Live, please contact us. 
  2. Event Approval Notification
    The Scheduling Office will notify you by email once your event request has been approved. Only after receiving a reservation number by email is your room reservation confirmed. A copy of the confirmation will be sent via email with the event details noted.

Scheduling Priorities

The broad general priorities applied in the scheduling of space are:

  1. TMCC state-supported academic programs
  2. TMCC self-supporting academic programs
  3. College-approved extracurricular activities, which include faculty and student events
  4. College-sponsored organizations, which include the Student Government Association, Faculty Senate and Classified Council and other student clubs and organizations authorized by the appropriate dean or associate dean
  5. Other NSHE institutions and representatives of NSHE related to their official function
  6. Approved non-College organizations

No space is to be occupied without having been scheduled through the Scheduling Office.