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Radiography Mission, Goals and Outcomes


The mission of TMCC's Radiologic Technology Program is to provide general and basic science education, combined with a sound foundation in the theory and art of Radiologic Technology to meet the educational needs of the students.

This is evidenced by a competency-based program employing various teaching methodologies and technologies delivered through quality instruction.

Graduates will have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist's Examination for Radiographers and become a member of the health care team.

Once selected for the program, students complete 21 months of educational experiences. As part of the curriculum, students spend 1,680 hours in clinical education experiences conducted in cooperation with departments of radiology in Reno, Sparks and Carson City.

Goals and Outcomes

JRCERT accreditation requires student learning assessment and measures in relation to clinical competence, communication skills, critical thinking and professionalism.

  • Goal 1: Student will be clinical competent in diagnostic imaging.
    • Produce diagnostic quality images.
    • Identify radiation safety cardinal principles and basic parameters to practice safely in the clinical setting.
  • Goal 2: Student will communicate effectively with both oral and written skills.
    • Demonstrate oral communication skills that exhibit patience and empathy with patients, refers to patient appropriately, explains procedures, recognizes and attends to patients’ needs, obtains cooperation from patient in order to perform the exam, utilizes radiation protection, communicates with patient and personnel in order to complete exams effectively.
    • Demonstrate written communication skills by presenting a case study that exhibits a pathology.
  • Goal 3: Student will problem solve using critical thinking skills.
    • Calculate mathematical questions successfully related to radiography.
    • Critique images for diagnostic quality.
  • Goal 4: Students will demonstrate professionalism.
    • Apply the ARRT code of ethics.
    • Act professionally in the clinical setting.

Program Effectiveness Measures

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  1. The program will maintain a graduation rate of at least 80%.
    The JRCERT defines completion rate as the number of students who complete the program within 150% of the stated program length. JRCERT does not count attrition due to nonacademic reasons such as financial, medical, family reasons, military deployment, change in major, or other nonacademic withdrawal classified by TMCC.
  2. Graduates will pass the ARRT certification examination in Radiography.
    The program’s 5-year average ARRT certification examination pass rate will be 75% or greater at first attempt within six months of graduation.
  3. Graduates will be successfully employed in an entry-level position.
    The JRCERT defines job placement rates as graduates employed in the radiologic sciences compared to those graduates actively seeking employment.