Geography at TMCC emphasizes the integration of human and physical geography and encourages the use of geospatial information technology. Environmental change, human-environment interaction, and the spatial constraints on and manifestations of human culture are all core themes of study in geography at TMCC. Students at TMCC seeking to understand the patterns and process associated with these themes have several course options.

The geography classes offered at TMCC support degree programs in the physical sciences and help many students fulfill general education requirements for degree completion. For example, an Associates of Science Emphasis in Geosciences can provide students the first two years towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography or Geology at many major universities. Likewise, students in the TMCC Environmental Science program frequently take GEOG courses, with GEOG 210R required for the degree.

All geography classes are limited to 32 students. The laboratory courses are taught by the same instructor as in the lecture, so that students can receive one-on-one attention. And in lecture based classes, the small class size allows students to work closely with their instructor.

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To consider which geography class you should be enrolling in for the semester, use the following flowchart:

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