Nursing Program Medication Administration Policy

(Revised and adopted: Dec. 14, 2012; effective: January 2013. Revised: Jan. 6, 2020)

The information on this page is for students who have been accepted to the TMCC Nursing Program and are current students.

The TMCC Nursing faculty are committed to safe medication administration and reduction of medication errors among its nursing students and graduates of the program. A strong medication administration policy along with appropriate faculty supervision is needed to oversee student medication administration. Failure to follow will result in withdrawal from the program.

Medication Administration Proficiency Exam (MAPE)

Prior to administering medications in the clinical setting for any clinical course, each student must achieve 100% on a Medication Administration Proficiency Exam (MAPE). A MAPE is given for each clinical course at the beginning of each semester during semesters when the student is administering medications. Students may participate in clinical prior to achieving 100% on the MAPE, but may not administer medications. Students will have three opportunities to take and pass the MAPE at 100%.

There are two sections of the MAPE exam:

  1. Medication Administration Principles (the "7 Rights and 3 Checks"), and
  2. Dosage calculations.

The medication administration principles and the calculations will be a paper and pencil test.