Nursing Handbook Section 3: Cost

Differential Fee Structure

TMCC's Nursing Program operates on a differential tuition model: Nursing Program students pay an additional $60 per credit.

ADN Program Cost

Students enrolled in the Nursing Program follow the fee schedule and refund policy described in the current TMCC College Catalog. Additional costs to the Nursing Program are outlined below. These costs are approximate and are subject to change.

Total does not include any applicable non-resident fees. TMCC's College Catalog lists current fees.

College Admission Fee (one time only) $20
Background Check $49.50
Drug Screening $35
Immunizations $550
Immunization Tracking/Clinical Portfolio (per year) $85
CPR Certification Health Care Provider Card $65
Health Insurance varies
Uniforms, including shoes $200
Clinical Equipment $50 
Textbooks $1,800
Fee for NCLEX-RN Exam (one time only) $200
Fingerprints $55
Application for Licensure $100
Malpractice Insurance ($60/year; optional) $120
Standardized Testing/Student Resources $355

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