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Dental Clinic Renovations Open Doors

June 10, 2020
TMCC’s Dental Clinic unveils its most recent renovations thanks to the support of the William N. Pennington Foundation and several local dentists.

Vet Tech Grad Helps Animals at SPCA

June 9, 2020
Despite COVID, this TMCC grad has been helping animals in need at the SPCA, and to help foster animals to find forever homes.

Nevada Promise Scholars: Plan, Don't Panic.

June 5, 2020
If you’re a Nevada Promise Scholar Applicant, you have until July 1 to complete three application requirements.

There's More than One Way to Take an Online Class

June 2, 2020
Take this quick quiz to learn your ideal online learning style to be prepared to transition to remote learning again if necessary.

Summer Bridge Can Change Your Life

May 28, 2020
TMCC’s Summer Bridge program, which offers first-generation students a chance to sample college life for free, begins in July.

TMCC Child Care Center to Re-Open June 1

May 27, 2020
Planning, preparation, and preparing new protocols are just some of the tasks implemented by the team at the E.L. Cord Foundation Child Care Center to prep for its re-opening.

May Good News at TMCC

May 22, 2020
Adult Basic Education wins a grant, TMCC faculty, staff, and family make masks for the community, and Paralegal instructor Steven Silva is published.

Why TMCC Really is "Community"

May 19, 2020
We gathered the data, and the results are clear: at TMCC, we are all-in to help our students succeed!

My 2020 Grad Story: Ambition

May 18, 2020
TMCC student Martin Rodriguez shares his 2020 Grad Story, which begins in the ABE program and ends with an outstanding student award.

My 2020 Grad Story: Gratitude

May 14, 2020
Laura Viviana Becerra Martinez will receive her second Associate degree from TMCC this semester. Originally from Colombia, her story is one of gratitude.

TMCC Voices: Joylin Namie

May 13, 2020
Anthropology Professor Joylin Namie on sustainable tourism and other insights gained from her recent teaching fellowship to Jordan.

Celebrating Faculty and Staff at TMCC

May 12, 2020
This year, we’re hosting the first-ever Virtual Employee Recognition Ceremony. Learn more about the program...and how to tune in!

My 2020 Grad Story: Motivation

May 11, 2020
Krista Lee Gayer, a first-generation college student whose decision to study art was both brave and rewarding, tells her story of motivation.

TMCC Teams Up with NSC to offer BA in Graphic Arts

May 8, 2020
TMCC GAMT student Katelyn Brooke will be one of the first students to earn her bachelor’s degree thanks to a new opportunity.

My 2020 Grad Story: Golden

May 7, 2020
TMCC student-athlete Shelby Shaffer shares her 2020 Grad Story which includes a number of wins that happened on and off the field.

Stay the Course and Take a Class: Register Now!

May 6, 2020
Don’t wait another minute to take the class you’ve always wanted!

My 2020 Grad Story: Commitment

May 5, 2020
TMCC HVAC student Brandon Talbert’s advice to other students is to commit yourself to your goals in order to make them a reality.

Learning Communities Invite Interdisciplinary Study

May 4, 2020
See the connections between your classes and come out of your shell in TMCC’s Learning Communities!

My 2020 Grad Story: Diversity

May 1, 2020
Haruna Takahama is an SGA Senator and an International Student from Japan. Her 2020 Grad story is all about diversity.

My 2020 Grad Story: Try

April 30, 2020
TMCC Men of Color Peer Mentor Carlos Guerrero tells his 2020 Grad Story, which he calls “try.”