New Certificates Are on the Horizon

Students doing homework and laughing together.
Jared Libby

At TMCC, we’re constantly updating our roster of available courses to stay contemporary and convenient for wishful thinkers who dream of taking that leap into higher education. It’s nice to have options, and when you consider what’s possible, you’re already formulating a game plan for your college career in your head. We’re just the road you travel on, each step more determined than your last. Fall Semester 2023 will be here sooner than you think, and with a fresh batch of certificates available, there’s no better time to be certain of your enrollment.

Steer Yourself in Any Direction You Choose

When you take a glance at our course catalog, what do you notice? Affordability, accessibility, and the luxury of choosing from our vast lineup of suitable pathways ahead of you. Will you combine your major with a similar minor to absorb as much knowledge as you can? Maybe you’re thinking of being a double major. Working overtime pays off, after all!

Whatever you decide, one aspect remains true throughout all vocations: Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. The education you retain in college will transform your perception of what employment can be.

As we upgrade and expand our repertoire of diverse academic avenues, your world ends up becoming a whole lot larger, too! Completing one of these four, newly minted Certifications of Achievement (CoA) will not only be a testament to your tenacity as a student, but open up many doors for you professionally. Why shouldn’t they? You’ve earned it, and a successful career is just around the bend. Now’s the time to check these out:

-    CoA in Accounting
-    CoA in Light, Medium, and Heavy (LMH) Diesel Fleet Maintenance Technician
-    CoA in Fundamentals of Smart Automation
, and
-    CoA Welding Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Each of these new certificates aim to produce talented individuals who will hopefully revolutionize the future of the industries they’re rooted in.

We’ve adapted to the rapidly evolving influence of technology and the flow of digital information at TMCC; both being essential when providing you with the best advantages imaginable throughout your journey.

“I have the pleasure of working with faculty as they bring forward degrees and certificates for approval by NSHE,” said Melissa Deadmond, Associate Dean of Assessment and Planning.

“Faculty members are attuned to the workforce trends in their respective areas, developing curriculums with the skills sought after by industries and which best benefit their students' career goals.”

Let’s break down these cutting-edge pathways, and inspect what genuinely makes them such a gripping selection.

Sometimes It’s the Smallest Decisions

I know what you’re thinking… “Accounting, really? How could that possibly be exciting?” Well, hear me out for a second, and I’ll tell you!

Accounting is sizzling right now, with technical arenas at the forefront of overtaking traditional economic models. The CoA in Accounting is focused on churning out experts in a timely manner, appealing to prospective students wishing to emerge from their experience with superior employability skills, but without obtaining a full degree. It’s a developing trend among the younger generation, and revamping your abilities while attending school is common, too. You’ll learn to be proficient in a high-demanding market, and still have plenty of time to unwind!

When we think about Diesel, we often associate it with noisy engines, oily hands, a stockpile of steely tools, and the weirdly enticing scent of a shop environment. This is an impression we’ve committed to memory; however, nowadays, the industry is becoming much more environmentally conscious, and sustainable friendly practices ensure its firing on all cylinders.

The CoA in LMH Diesel Fleet Maintenance Technician utilizes state-of-the-art technology in maintenance and inspection, combined with hands-on training for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. You’ll be an expert in systems operations, upkeep, and light repairs for transit carriers and equipment.

As the trade continues to evolve, you’ll witness the innovations shaping how we transport goods, services, and people from one location to the next. Linked with a General Service Technician Certificate, you’ll feel confidently prepared for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exams, and upon passing, become nationally certified with the potential to gain master technician status!

Advanced Manufacturing is at the precipice of next-level ingenuity. We’re living in the universe of futuristic automation, with artificial intelligence having scarily intuitive levels of intelligence. The CoA in Fundamentals of Smart Automation recognizes that we live in a time when robots are more integrated into daily life, and they are also unrivaled in production on a massive scale.

With this certification, you can expect to be instructed on manufacturing concepts such as workplace safety, electricity, robotics, mechanical systems, pneumatics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and industrial networking. Firsthand training is crucial, equipping you with leading-edge instruments to practice operating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing modern automated systems of our time. The synthesis of computerization and human involvement only moves forward with qualified graduates of TMCC who enter the workforce as machine operators and industrial maintenance technicians!

Welding and blacksmithing are two sides of the same smelted coin, and without them, much of the infrastructure of today would cease to exist. Advances in technology are making construction and machining easier, and the CoA in Welding CNC aims to reinvigorate this industry in Northern Nevada. Local employers’ training needs have been heard, and TMCC will provide you with the expertise required to be at the front lines of modernizing the Silver State. Graduates will enhance their positions and earn the right to work anywhere in the world!

For more information, please visit our Accounting, Diesel, Advanced Manufacturing, and Welding websites.