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TMCC student Christian Doyle will graduate with a fine arts degree in May 2022.
Rebecca A. Eckland

Christian Doyle began his academic journey into art with the intention of pursuing video as a medium; however, early in his time at TMCC, he discovered that he was drawn to photography. His black and white compositions are a part of this year’s annual Student Art and Design Exhibition. Hanging in the Erik Lauritzen Gallery, Doyle’s images explore, in his own words: “barriers.” 

“Over the past year or so, I’ve been looking for barriers... And it’s because I’ve started to think conceptually about my art and how it affects me. So when I started looking for the barriers, I was able to connect it to a mental barrier that I’ve put myself in thinking that I am not good enough to take the next step. These photographs are meant to be visual representations of that mental barrier.” 

The black and white images feature the double lines that divide long, two-lane highways, concrete barriers on roadsides, chains, and fences, both of iron and barbed wire, all in crisp black and white. 

“These are all darkroom prints, and the choice to use all black and white is to help emphasize the idea that feeling of despair that comes from when you are solely seeing something without color, often seen in movies and other visual media. It’s meant to emphasize the composition other than the color,” he said. 

Doyle explains that the black borders are the edges of the film itself, meaning the act of framing happens when he takes the picture, not as an activity that happens in the darkroom. “That shows that everything that’s in the composition of my piece is decided when I was taking the picture, not in post-production. So, I composed everything with the camera,” he said. 

When Doyle came to TMCC, he was interested in video production. Slowly, his interests began to shift as he took digital photography classes. “I started in film and analog photography and it has captured my entire interest,” he said. 

Doyle, who will graduate with a degree in fine arts in May, has applied to several Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, mostly on the east coast. “I’ve had a show here earlier this semester, and I decided I wanted to do a different type of photography for this show, because I wanted to demonstrate variety in my work.” 

An Annual Art Event

The annual Student Art and Design Exhibition will once again populate the walls of TMCC Art Galleries with the creations of our student-artists. The show will be on display April 11–May 6, offering students an opportunity to experience the professional—or, public—side of art while sharing their work with the TMCC community. The show features work in a variety of categories, including painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design.

“The Student Art and Design Exhibition is an excellent opportunity for students to get an introduction to the practice of showing their work in a professional setting,” said TMCC Galleries Curator Joshua Weinberg, who encourages all students—regardless of their degree program or professional status—to participate in the show. “Cash prizes are chosen by the juror and awarded by TMCC, and Nevada Fine Arts gives out special recognition awards,” he said.

Student-artist Tiana Keeler will also have her artwork displayed in the annual show. Her work explores tragedy, transgressions and explorations about identity. “My three pieces are from different aspects of my work… My darkroom piece shows how I am purposefully marking and destroying negatives. And this one is a part of my lighting class, which explores femininity,” she said. Her artwork also tells the story, and comments on, the wildfire season last summer that destroyed her family’s home.

Reception and Awards Ceremony

The Artist Reception and awards ceremony for the Student Art Exhibition will be held on Wednesday, April 13 from 5–7 p.m. in the V. James Eardley Student Center in the Red Mountain Building on the Dandini Campus. In addition to honoring students awarded for their work, the reception will feature a special presentation by show juror, Vivian Zavataro.

Zavataro is a professional museologist who currently serves as the Director of the John and Geraldine Lilly Museum of Art in Reno, NV. She has worked on and produced exhibitions in numerous locations worldwide, including many workshops and symposiums at esteemed institutions such as Documenta 14 in Kassel, Germany. She received her B.A. in Art History from the University of Nevada, Reno, and her M.A. in Museum and Heritage Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

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