It's an Egg-cellent Time to Register Now!

A chicken with a "register now" button.
Rebecca A. Eckland

We know it’s April and you’re excited about spring—or maybe stressed out about final exams and research papers—but we’ve decided to take the initiative and tell you to "quit horsing around" when it comes to registering for Fall classes. It's "pasture" time to add classes to your shopping cart. After all, you don’t make a "foal" of yourself by missing out on taking the classes you need in order to obtain a certificate or degree.

Why the long face? TMCC has caught up with the experts who can give you the details you need in order to make the most out of registration. In just five easy steps, we’ll have you totally saddled up and ready to ride into Fall 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hoof it to the top five reasons why procrastinating about registration is out of the "equestrian." 

Five Reasons Why "Ewe" Need to Register Now

Dog Photo

How "woof" you like to start the semester? Follow the friendly advice of our animal friends for intel on registering for Fall!

We’re not going to be sheepish about this: instead we asked dogs, cats, lizards, bees, fish and chickens why Fall 2022 is the moment when you need to plan ahead for summer and fall. Don’t pull the wool over your eyes: "shear up" and read about how your future can be amazing if you register now for classes. After all, academic class schedules come in all "sheeps and sizes." Look through our course offerings, and find the classes that are exactly right for "ewe"!

  1. Registering early will help you get into classes that are "pup-ular." You know the drill: the best instructors, the classes that are required for your degree: those fill up fast!  Before you lose all hope because it’s "im-paws-ible" to get into these classes, the easiest solution by far is to register early! If the class is already full, make sure you’re on the waitlist! Chances are other students will get "cold paws," and you’ll be right there, ready to fetch your required credits.
    Cat Photo

    The cat’s out of the bag! It’s litter-ally time for you to pounce on your classes for Fall 2022.

  2. There’s a "laws and effect" relationship between quality of life and education. How can you land the "purrrfect" job? It "litter-ally" starts with the "meow-ment" when you find the subject that excites you! If you haven’t found that yet, take a moment to put your thinking cat on and list out the things you like to do the most. If you like cooking or even watching cooking shows, try a culinary arts class. Love puzzles? Math might be right up your alley. Notice what ideas have you "feline great," and turn those passions into a certificate or degree.
  3. Make an appointment with Academic Advising to get all the de-tails. Whether it’s sunshine or a "b-lizard" outside, make sure to schedule time to meet with an Academic Advisor to see if all the classes you’ve signed up for have you on-track for your goals. An Advisor can also tell you if you need to scale back on the number of classes you’re taking. Before you lose your tail, stop by because advisors know all the de-tails about what you’re "guana" learn one day.
    Fish Photo

    Don’t be “koi!” Carp-e diem and take the first step in following your dreams by registering for Fall today!

  4. Make it "oh-fish-al": Fin-ish your certificate or degree. Don’t stop your education mid-stream: if you’ve taken a few classes, you’re already one step closer to your goal. If you’re feeling "koi" or like you have cold feet, speaking with a counselor or an advisor can help you navigate through murky waters. It’s not that you’re fishing for compliments exactly…but education is an "oppor-tuna-ty" for you to make a positive change in your life. (Fish always know the importance of staying in school!)  As they say: all you need to do is "fish upon a star", and "carp-e diem"!
  5. Don’t be chicken! Know there’s no better time than now to follow your dreams. It’s OK to hunt and peck through the course catalog, dreaming of what you want to be: finding what "beaks" your interest is how you scratch the surface of knowing more about your inner passions and callings. Whether is "egg-onomics", "chicklish" or communications so you can become a "comedi-hen"… whatever your goals, TMCC is an "egg-cellent" choice.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Bees Photo

Registration opens up soon! Make a bee-line to your computer and don’t miss out on this opportunity.

You’ve probably noticed all the buzz around campus urging you to register for your Summer and Fall classes. It’s time to  “bee” proactive with your education and your future—sign up for classes and see what all the “sylla-buzz” is about! 

Are you ready to get bee-sy on your class schedule? Here are the registration dates for Fall: 

  • For continuing students with sixty credits or less: April 25
  • For continuing students with thirty credits or less: April 26
  • For new students: April 28.

For more information about registering now, contact Admissions and Records at 775-673-7042.