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Why Wait...? Start Late!

student on tmcc's dandini campus in fall
Rebecca A. Eckland

Now that the days are getting shorter and it’s really time to put away the camping, swimming, hiking and other summer-time activities, you might have thought: too bad I have to wait until January to enroll in classes at TMCC!  

We’re here to share the good news: thanks to TMCC’s late start classes, you can squeeze in an extra class (or more!) thanks to late start classes that begin between Oct. 4-25. In other words: there’s no reason to wait… just start late!

If you’re wondering about what late start classes entail and how you could work these into your academic schedule moving forward, we gathered the top five questions students have about late start classes and provided them for you here.  So, even if you’re not currently registered for classes, you can still sign up for a late start class and squeeze in some extra credits before 2022! 

Top Five Questions About Late Start Classes 

Why would I want to start late?

Maybe August wasn’t a great time for you to think about enrolling in classes. Maybe you had a full-time job, family responsibilities—we understand that our students’ lives are sometimes complicated and usually always busy! If things have cleared up for you, though, taking a late start class is a great way to squeeze in a few extra credits before the next full academic semester. 

How can a late class start on Oct. 25 and still end in December?

This is a great question! While late start classes do last for a shorter amount of weeks, they are “condensed” versions of the same class, which means class times may be longer and the work required outside of class will be more than you would typically experience for the same number of credits spread out over 16 weeks. If you sign up for a late start class, make sure you schedule enough time to complete this extra work so you can set yourself up for success!

What are some required classes that are also late start classes? 

Many students use late start classes to complete requirements for their degree. This is a great strategy if you’ve discovered that you have enough extra time to devote to "just one more class." Some examples of late start classes that fulfill some common degree requirements include: English Composition (100, 101 or 102), Core Humanities, History, Political Science, or Sociology, to name a few examples. Check the Late Start Class Schedule for more details.  

Can a late start class help me land a job? 

If you like adventure, the outdoors and you want to work in a helping industry, TMCC’s Basic Wildland Firefighting Program that begins on Oct. 4 is just right for you!  After completing all aspects of the course—which includes a day of hands-on training in the field—students will earn an entry-level certification that will enable them to work on wildland fire crews locally, regionally, and nationally. Why wait? If you “start late” you can start your new career as a fire suppression professional.  If you are more drawn to technology and want to become a part of one of Northern Nevada's fastest-growing industries, check out our Tech Careers Fast Track Program in Computer Coding, Programming and Software Development. Created by local employers, this open-entry, self-paced program helps you to develop in-demand skills while linking you with paid work experiences to earn while you learn!

What if I just want to do something that develops me personally and professionally? 

Sometimes it’s nice to take a class for no other reason than it makes you a better person, colleague, employee and citizen.  If you are looking for ways to give back to the world, consider taking TMCC’s CPR and First Aid course. Beginning on Oct. 4, the web-based class walks students through the methods by which you can provide first aid and CPR to those in need. 

For more information about late start classes, check out the Late Start Schedule and start earning your additional credits for a certificate, degree or for self-enrichment today.