Got Questions? The Virtual Open House Has the Answers!

students walking past Wizard the Lizard holding a welcome sign
Rebecca A. Eckland

Does the past year have you thinking about pursuing a career in a field that requires a certificate or degree? If so, attend TMCC’s Virtual Open House to learn how easy it is to enroll in one of our many programs that can be the first step into the profession of your dreams! 

If you’re new to the college application process, or are returning after several years away, the Virtual Open House will offer you efficient directions, tips and advice on how to not only enroll, but to succeed, in the programs we offer.

This year, we have streamlined the Virtual Open House to answer the most common questions our recruitment, financial aid and dual credit/jumpstart offices receive. Along with these, we’ve paired videos introducing our deans and directors, who give you a personalized tour of their area of the college.  

Although you’re free to tour the Virtual Event any way you please, we have compiled this handy guide to the virtual event to help you get the most out of your time with us. Whether it’s deciding on what certificate or degree you want to complete or how to navigate the process of applying for financial aid, our campus community is here to support you every step of the way because, like our hashtag says: #TMCCisCommunity. 

Take a Campus Tour: Register for In-Person TMCC Info Days

Visit a TMCC location by registering for an in-person Info Day Event where you can join a TMCC recruiter and learn about admissions, financial aid, and more. Info Days are currently offered at the Dandini Campus as well as the William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center. 

All Info Day participants must wear a mask and follow safety protocols. Guests and family members must also register in order to participate. Guests who do not register cannot attend an Info Day event as space is limited due to safety regulations.

“We want students to register for these Info Days Events,” said Yuli Chavez Camerena, Program Director of the Recruitment and Access Center. “We are back on campus and we are here to help prospective students any way we can.” 

If an Info Day event does not fit into your schedule, you can also schedule a tour of a TMCC location with the Welcome Center.

Learn How Easy it is to Enroll

If you think enrolling at TMCC is going to be challenging, think again!  There are only three steps to enroll at TMCC— and we promise it can take you less than twenty minutes.  You don’t need to take any tests (save that for midterms and finals!), so instead, you just have to complete the following steps: 

  1. Complete the online application form. (Pssst: be sure you’re ready to choose a certificate or degree program!)
  2. Complete the new student orientation called SOAR
  3. Pay for your classes. (This step can be completed up to a week or so before the semester in which you have enrolled.)

After that, stop by Financial Aid to see if there are any grant or scholarship opportunities available to support your academic and professional journey.  Trust us: the FAFSA is not as hard as you think!  First, it’s free and TMCC uses the FAFSA as a universal application that allows students to access any federal, state or even institutional aid. 

“I always encourage students to fill out the never know what you are missing out on,” said Financial Aid Director Leslie Jia. 

Don’t Have A Major? Find One!

After you’ve visited our Financial Aid and Recruitment offices, your next stop on this Virtual Open House should be to check out each of our academic divisions. We have five, and each one offers a unique array of programs that each offer you the necessary knowledge and skills you will need to succeed in your future profession. 

While this list is far from exhaustive, this should give you an idea of what each division has to offer.

  1. Business and Social Sciences. If you’re into the world of business or interested in studying how people interact with one another, this division hosts several certificate and degree options that might just be your ticket to a new career. Included in this division are the business, history, political science, culinary arts and social sciences departments. Although there are certificate programs that can be completed in as little as one semester, the two-year associate transfer programs are a great option if you’re thinking of continuing your education to receive a bachelor’s degree at another institution. “We make sure that the outcome from our courses fall in line with what students need to know for their careers,” said Dean Amy Williams. 
  2. Liberal Arts. This large academic division houses Graphic Arts and Media Technologies, Visual and Performing Arts, English and Humanities. Recently, through a partnership with Nevada State College, TMCC began offering a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts and Media Technologies. “The division also hosts an associate degree in Communications, which is one of the top ten degrees to get in terms of job prospects,” said Humanities Department Chair Eric Bullis, who also cited foreign language and English as equally desirable degrees.
  3. Life Sciences, Allied Health and Public Safety. If you’re interested in hands-on science, this division offers plenty of opportunities through biology, community health science, and nutrition, all of which can be a great starting point for a career in medicine. However, the division also houses our allied health programs, which includes nursing, dental hygiene and radiology, to name a few. In Public Safety, students can become EMTs or pursue their paramedic license. Likewise, the Wildland Fire Training program opens doors to a dynamic and exciting summer career, while the Fire Academy trains students to become fire professionals. “If students want short term, to have employable skills to go directly into the workforce, we have those options, but if students want to build on that and continue on a pathway, we have that, too. I think of it as having stepping stones, and along the way you will always have employable skills,” said Dean Julie Ellsworth.
  4. Math and Physical Sciences. “In this division, we explore the wonders of the natural world, and students will gain hands-on, authentic scientific exposure,” said Dean Anne Fletcher, of her division which includes chemistry, computer science, math, geology, environmental science, and engineering. Every year, students who graduate with a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) degree have the highest starting salary and tend to be in high-demand positions. “These programs provide meaningful work for students,” Fletcher said. “You get to make a difference in the world,” she said.
  5. Technical Sciences. If you like working with your hands on cars, trucks, HVAC, with a welding machine, a machining machine or you have a fascination with the latest technology including automation and robotics, computer information technology or you are interested in the law (criminal justice and paralegal), this is the division for you.  “Technical Sciences really is life skills,” said Dean Barbara Walden. “A lot of the skills you learn in the technical sciences are transferable to your life... and there will always be an opportunity to move into a new role.” 

Become a Part of the TMCC Community

More than our many course offerings, TMCC is known for its warm community of dedicated professionals who want, more than anything, for you to succeed.  Whether you need support through the enrollment process, deciding what major or degree to pursue, the hashtag really is the truth: #TMCCisCommunity. 

For more information about the Virtual Open House Event, or if you have any questions, contact the Recruitment and Access Center at 775-673-8236.