Nevada Promise Scholars: Plan, Don't Panic.

Student and teacher smiling at the camera.
Rebecca A. Eckland

Lupe Ortiz is pursuing an associate degree in applied science. Thanks to the Nevada Promise Scholarship, he’s also receiving financial and additional supports as he takes the first step in his journey of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. The nursing profession appealed to Ortiz who, after speaking with his high school biology teacher about the career, did some research and, in his own words, “fell in love with the idea of being a nurse.”

The Nevada Promise Scholarship is an integral element of his academic journey. “I learned about the Nevada Promise Scholarship at my high school [where] they sent monthly student letters that included the scholarships that were available that month. My plans were already to attend TMCC.  The [Nevada Promise Scholarship] was just the cherry on top,” said Ortiz, who also works as a Peer Recruiter for TMCC’s Recruitment and Access Center.

When asked if he had any advice for students currently applying for the Nevada Promise Scholarship, Ortiz said: do it... right away. “Finish up the requirements as soon as you can,” he said. “You will play catch up if you wait until the deadline and you could possibly ruin your chances of getting the scholarship [if you miss] these deadlines.”  

The deadline for these application requirements has been moved to July 1. Before you panic,  (because July is right around the corner) we’ve put together this comprehensive list to keep you on track so you, like Ortiz, can begin working toward your dreams.

Complete Your Financial Aid File

We know that completing Financial Aid information can be challenging. However, TMCC’s Financial Aid department is offering you several supports to help you complete this part of the application process for Nevada Promise.  First, you are able to submit any required financial aid documents online.

If you need help with these documents, TMCC’s Financial Aid experts are available by phone, or through a virtual appointment, to help you through the process.  Contact them right away to schedule a virtual appointment.

Meet with your Mentor

It’s been an interesting and challenging time, to say the least, so if you haven’t heard from your mentor recently, don’t panic! It’s always OK to reach out to them again and to use technology to your advantage. You can FaceTime with your mentor, or even speak with them over the phone instead of meeting in-person.

And who knows? Touching base with your mentor could also give you some additional peace of mind, especially all the uncertainty in the world right now. Your mentor can help you if you have any questions regarding the Nevada Promise Scholarship to listen to your concerns about what it will be like during your first semester as a college student.

“Working with a mentor has been great,” said Ortiz. “They make me feel comfortable going to TMCC, especially as a first-year student. They were able to help me overcome challenges in my academic journey.”

However, if you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to your mentor yourself for whatever reason, the Nevada Promise office can help you. “We can help to connect students to their mentors,” said Nevada Promise Scholarship Coordinator Angela South. “We can schedule a video chat or a meeting—whatever can help our students to connect with their mentors.” 

Complete your Community Service Hours

We admit: this seems like a pretty steep requirement, especially if you haven’t gotten started yet. However, before you give up in despair, rest assured that even now when you might be stuck at home, you can still make a positive difference in the world while completing the requirement that you do eight hours of community service. 

There are plenty of suggestions of what you can do remotely on the Nevada Promise Scholarship website, but here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Help to make all books in the public domain available to everyone for free by volunteering with Librivox to record a chapter of a book that will be released on the net.
  • If you know more than one language, you could assist humanitarian and other non-profits to translate their written documentation by volunteering for Translators without Borders.
  • Interact with a senior citizen via text, phone, and video conference through Call to Care. This can provide meaningful connections to others who may not have anyone to talk to during this difficult time. 

Not only does volunteering fulfill the scholarship application requirements, but it also a wonderful way to help others in need. “I volunteered at two different schools, one in Reno and one in Spring Creek,” said Ortiz. “Both schools were preparing foods for families who have been impacted by the pandemic. [Even though] I was not personally impacted [in the same way], I was glad I could help these families in need.”

TMCC is Here to Support You

Even though we are operating remotely, please remember that TMCC is still here to assist you. Whether you have advising questions, or you are feeling anxious and need to speak to a counselor, those resources are available for you to access virtually. Even if you just need to have someone offer you support in the Nevada Promise Scholarship application process, we are here for you. 

“The Nevada Promise Scholarship is worth all the requirements,” said Ortiz. “The scholarship reduces stress, and will [help] pay for your needs. Plus, the staff who work in the Nevada Promise Scholarship office are amazing, and will help you in any way so that you can continue going to college and achieve your goals.”  

If you need help to meet the July 1 deadline, the best place to start if you need a little extra support is with the Nevada Promise Office, which can be reached at 775-673-8236.