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Register Now, Not Later

Person studying in the TMCC atrium.
Rebecca A. Eckland

We get it that sometimes it’s good to do things later rather than sooner. For example, arriving to a party fashionably late, deciding who to spend the rest of your life with or honing your procrastination skills because papers somehow write themselves hours before they are due (OK, we’re not quite sure about that one.)  Not all things in life are worth the wait, though, at the top of the list of things to do exactly the moment that you can do them is to register for spring classes. 

If you think we’re just telling you this for selfish reasons, we did a little bit of research so we could offer you three compelling reasons why registering now (and not later) is the best thing you can do for yourself this fall semester.  In no particular order, these reasons are: 

  1. Registering now can help you to reach your academic and professional goals quicker. Need a specific class at a specific time? You’re more likely to land a seat in that class if you’re among the first to register, especially if the course is in high demand.  If you’re focused on graduating as soon as you can, you can up the ante by meeting with an Academic Advisor who will tell you exactly the classes you need to fulfill those degree requirements pronto.
  2. You’re less stressed when you know the path ahead. You’ve probably heard this before, but when you plan out your schedule and know what to expect, you tend to approach changes more confident in your ability to tackle them. This is true in life generally (which is why budgeting, arriving early for appointments and meetings, never letting the gas in your car drop below a quarter tank and shopping with a grocery list are all good practices.) This is also why you should register for classes early. Once you’re registered, you already know the classes and the schedule you’ll have. This means you can buy your textbooks earlier and enjoy the holiday season secure in the knowledge that you’re already ready for the spring semester.
  3. If something comes up, you’re not in danger of missing out on classes.  We never like to bring up the negative, but sometimes things happen. If you’re a transfer student, you could face delays as your transcripts undergo an evaluation process. If you missed paying a fee or have missing information in your student record, your account could be put on hold. It’s always better to find out about these things sooner rather than later. In other words, the earlier you start the process, the more likely you will be less stressed as you cruise toward your goal, whatever it may be. 

Plus, there’s just something satisfying about completing tasks you know you have to do. This frees up much-needed brain space so you can do other things like homework for your classes that you’re currently enrolled in or even (gasp) the fun stuff like reading a book you enjoy, watching your favorite series on Netflix or spending time with friends and family.

Resources for Registration:

  • For help with picking classes, contact Academic Advising in RDMT 111 at 775-673-7062.
  • For help with scholarships and financial aid, contact Financial Aid in RDMT 315C at 775-673-7072.
  • For personal and career counseling, contact the Counseling Center in RDMT 325 at 775-673-7060.
  • For help with registration, contact Admissions and Records at 775-673-7042.

Important Dates and Deadlines: 

If you’re a continuing student, registration opens on Tuesday, Nov. 12

If you’re a new student, registration opens Friday, Nov. 15.

If you would like more information on the registration process, contact TMCC’s Admissions and Records Office at 775-673-7042.