Career Hub Relocates to the Meadowood Center

photo of TMCC Career Hub sign
Rebecca A. Eckland

Guess what everybody? We have the best news ever: the Career Hub will now come to you! Yes, you read that correctly: no matter if you’re on the Dandini Campus or at our Redfield location… north, south, east or somewhere in the middle, the Career Hub can meet you where you are!

Additionally, the Career Hub, which was formerly located on the Dandini campus next to the Welcome Center, gains square footage and the ability to reach more TMCC students at its new location at TMCC’s Meadowood Center

If all of this good news is overwhelming, rest assured: even though the physical space has changed, the excellent services that the Career Hub offers to students and employers are only getting better. If you aren’t familiar with these services, you should be: the Career Hub can help you during every step of the career exploration, job search, interview, hiring process, and for employers, we can help you to locate new employees and to conduct workforce development training for your existing staff.

First Impressions: The Key to Successful Resumes and Interviews

Do you remember what they say about first impressions?  Chances are when you’re applying for a job,  your first step is to submit a copy of your resume to your prospective employer. This isn’t just a sheet of paper outlining your past job experience, this is a representation of your professional self. As you can imagine, typos, mismatched or inappropriate fonts and using tired templates are all ways to send the wrong message about you to a potential employer. The Career Hub can be a second set of eyes to make sure you’ve “crossed all your t’s” and that your resume truly highlights your strengths as a future employee. 

If you’ve already applied for a job, you might be called in for an interview. Interviews are your opportunity to showcase your skills, experience and brilliant personality...which is also why they are nerve-racking even for the most experienced among us. The Career Hub can help you prepare by practicing your responses to common interview questions, help you to identify your strengths and skills, and teach you how to “think on the spot” when you’re asked a question you didn’t expect. 

Additionally, the Career Hub will continue to post on-campus and off-campus job opportunities through CareerLink, the on-campus Job Board, as well as by hosting several Skills Workshops and Job Fairs across the academic year. 

This semester, there are two Job Fairs for students and alumni: 

  • October 9 the Dandini Job Fair happens 10 a.m.–1 p.m. in the Student Center in the Red Mountain Building.
  • October 23 at the Pennington Applied Technology Center from 4–7 p.m. in the IGT Manufacturing Hub.

The locations for the skill workshops and job fairs vary, so be sure to check the Career Hub calendar for more details. 

Internships: Getting an Education & Paid Experience 

If you’re in the market for a job and you’re taking classes, the Career Hub can help you to combine those two things by helping you to find Internship Opportunities. Internships offer you wonderful occasions to put what you’ve learned in the classroom into practice, so you’re earning credits while you’re earning a paycheck!  

Javier Martinez Orozco, a TMCC student in the Automotive program, is currently working at an internship with Dolan Toyota. “The Career Hub helped me a lot,” he said. “They helped me with making sure all the paperwork I needed was properly filled out and turned in...and submitted before the deadline.”

For his internship, Orozco completes maintenance work on vehicles, which includes rotating tires, changing oil, tuning the suspension and other vehicle maintenance work. He says the internship has helped him in many respects: “Before my internship, I... only did oil changes and tire rotations. This internship has helped me to expand my knowledge of vehicles and put my skills to work.” 

Orozco, who will graduate from the Automotive program in December 2019, says the internship has been time well-spent. “I would definitely recommend that other students do an internship because it’s a great experience and helps you to prepare yourself for your career,” he said. 

Sidney Sullivan at a Career Hub booth

Career Hub Program Manager Sidney Sullivan encourages students to call and make an appointment with the Career Hub—and to remember that these services can meet you at your favorite TMCC location.

Meeting Students Where They Are

The central location of the TMCC Career Hub will enable staff to “meet you where you are”, both figuratively and literally. Located across the street from Reno’s Meadowood Mall, the Meadowood Center is a stop on multiple RTC routes, is minutes away from TMCC’s William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center and only 10 minutes from the TMCC Dandini Campus and the William N. Pennington Health Science Center (depending on traffic.) 
“We want to better serve the other campuses,” said Sidney Sullivan, Program Manager for the Career Hub, who says the central location will allow her staff to reach more TMCC students, not just those on the Dandini campus. Additionally, Sullivan plans on literally “meeting students where they are” by bringing the Career Hub’s resources and expertise to where students need it most. That means you can schedule a meeting with the Career Hub at a TMCC site that is the most convenient for you... and they will come to you. 
For that reason, Sullivan encourages students to make an appointment with the Career Hub before stopping by. In addition to using the online form, students can make an appointment by calling 775-829-9080.