Spring Open House Makes Enrolling Easy

Rebecca A. Eckland

spring open house

So... you want to go to college? Like wading into any uncharted territory, not knowing the lay of the land of college admissions (so to speak) can lead to unnecessary delays in earning the degree you want.

This spring, TMCC’s Access, Outreach and Recruitment office has created an event that will teach you how to create your own map to college success. Don’t believe us? Check out the details and our snappy list of three inarguable reasons why you should make the TMCC Spring Open House a priority this year.

Reasons To Go

  1. You’ll learn the lay of the land, literally. Join one of our experts for a campus tour to see exactly what TMCC can offer you. You’ll see our campus amenities firsthand, such as the newly renovated Learning Commons in the Elizabeth Sturm library, our hands-on science labs and the unbelievably cool DISCO (Diversity and International Student Center and Office,) which hosts student-centric events all year, computer workstations and quiet study areas.
  2. Learn how to enroll. If you’ve never enrolled in college before, we admit the process can be puzzling—what information do you need to submit and where (or to whom) do you send it? What if you are still in high school, but want to enroll in the JumpStart program? Untangling the list of requirements and deadlines isn’t easy. Luckily, we’re hosting workshops (one, even, in Spanish) during the Open House to help you with this very topic. Or, if workshops aren’t your thing, you’re always welcome to ask one of our friendly experts what steps you need to take as a prospective TMCC student.
  3. You’ll have the chance to win cool prizes. Everyone who attends the Spring Open House will be entered in a drawing with the chance to win a basket of TMCC swag (supplied from our on-campus bookstore). All participants will be entered to win a grand prize of one FREE three–credit class. Where else can you go on a Tuesday night and have a chance to win a free college class? We think that pretty much makes the decision for you.

Put This In Your Calendar

Now that you’re totally convinced that the Spring Open House is what you’re doing on April 9 from 6–8 p.m. on the Dandini campus, we wanted to break down a play-by-play of the night’s agenda.

We suggest arriving at around 6 p.m. so that you can participate in a campus tour and/or meet the instructors and programs that you are the most interested in. The programs and instructors will be located at tables and booths in the Student Center.

From 6:45–7:15 p.m., the event will feature live workshops, answering the most common college admissions questions. These include:

The schedule for the live workshops will be posted at the event.

Finally, finish off the evening by taking a quick minute to speak to other support organizations, such as the TMCC Career Center or Student Government Association to help you get a better feel of our campus culture. Before you leave, make sure you stop by the photo booth where you can get your selfie with Wizard.

For more information about the Spring Open House, contact TMCC’s Access, Outreach and Recruitment Department at 775-673-8236.