Performing Arts Presents Almost, Maine

Rebecca A. Eckland
tmcc performing arts presents almost maine

TMCC Performing Arts spring production, "Almost, Maine", will be performed at the Redfield Performing Arts Center.

Lights, curtain... action! TMCC’s Theatre and Performing Arts program will be hosting performances of Almost, Maine at the Redfield Performing Arts Center. The play, which Director Stacey Spain describes as “…a series of scenes about love in all its iterations” is set in the remote and mythical town of Almost, Maine (which is so far North it’s almost in Canada) with residents who are falling in and out of love in unexpected, unusual and often hilarious ways.

As the northern lights hover in the sky as if by magic, knees are getting bruised, and hearts are getting broken. But the bruises heal and hearts mend—almost—in this delightful romantic comedy where 12 actors play 19 different characters. The offbeat, authentic characters call the place “Almost” because they never got around to officially organizing it into a town.

Each scene features a different couple seeking a sense of meaning in the chilly, uncharted wilderness of love. “It is a fun learning experience to play two roles and make them their own characters through me,” said TMCC student Jessica Molloy, who has been cast as two characters—Rhonda and Shelley—in the performance.

The play relies on magical realism, uncanny coincidences and metaphors turned literal. It endears the hardworking, honest characters to the audience due to their tendency to wonder about the same things that unite us all. “With this being my first and last play at TMCC, I have to say that I am learning a lot about myself as an actor and person, and these characters that I am portraying are in some ways just like me,” said TMCC student Tristan Morgan, who will play characters Easton, Dave and Phil. Morgan has just been accepted into the American Academy for Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. “I am humbled and grateful for the experience.”

“The stories in the play are so lovely and heartwarming,” said TMCC Theater student Ariel Quinain, who plays Gayle and Hope. “The challenge to keep the scenes pure and honest has been an exciting project to do as an actor.”

With original music composed by Anna Alex, a contemporary costume design by Lauren Hufft, and neon by Jeff Johnson, the play will also feature unique representations of the aurora borealis created by lighting designer Ty Hagar.

TMCC’s Performing Arts Program invites you to spend an evening with romance and magic realism under the northern lights as the people of Almost, Maine almost discover the secrets of love. “There is someone to whom everyone can relate,” said Spain of the production. “Even if we have not been exactly there, we have felt exactly that.”

Shows will be at 8 p.m. on April 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13. Matinee times (2 p.m.) are on April 7 and 14.

Tickets can be purchased online  or by calling 775-674-7610. $15 General Admission, $13 Seniors, and $10 for TMCC and other students.